Local Celebrity?

Wahoo – I’ve gotten my 1 minute of fame in a local Baltimore free newspaper.  So maybe that doesn’t even get me 1 minute.  10 seconds of fame, maybe?

It started with me seeing this tweet:

Then I googled the Bang – and saw that it was about Sex/Relationships so I sent them a message saying I was interested.

And man, he wasn’t kidding about the fast turnaround time.  I saw a link to today’s paper and there I am (the bottom):

I made Jeremy go find a copy of the free paper today.  If you live in Baltimore – be sure to grab one and I’ll happily autograph it for you.




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4 responses to “Local Celebrity?

  1. Kt

    Hahaaaa your answers made me laugh!

    Glad I could make you laugh!

  2. Meredith

    Love it!

  3. Hey you’re famous! Famouser than I’ll ever be at least.

    I think my moment of fame lasted all of 1 minute. 🙂

  4. You are totally famous in my book! and you are correct that facebook = trouble.

    It really does – and don’t get me started on all that relationship status change crap. I can’t believe there is a status that says, “Its complicated” and that people use it. I wouldn’t want to air my business out like that!

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