A Second Opinion (my first visit to physical therapy)

After getting a hard time from a large number of people I know (and even some random commenters on this blog) – I decided that I should look elsewhere for help with my lower back.  I mean – my chiropractor told me not to do yoga (and while I agree that yoga could potentially hurt you if you’re pushing yourself well past your physical limits, overall I disagree that yoga is bad.  I just can’t accept that).

I got some prodding from my manager (actually – I think he told me that I was being “bone-headed”) about seeking true physical therapy for my back pain.

I called up a rehabilitation center (recommended by my manager) and they suggested that I get a referral from my general physician (just to make sure my bases are covered in terms of insurance coverage).  So I made an appointment with my sort of general physician.

She asked me a series of questions and poked my butt cheeks (and all over my back) to find pain.  She also asked me if it burned while I peed.  After I got over being offended (what was she implying?!) – I found out that back pain can sometimes be related to urinary tract infections.  So there you go – fun fact for the day.

My doc confirmed a lower back strain and prescribed a muscle relaxer and some prescription strength ibuprofen.

Today was my first visit with the physical therapist.  And it was magic.  He massaged my back, hooked me up to an electric stimulation machine (with heat) and gave me some back stretches to do as “homework”.  One of the recommended exercises was the yoga “child’s pose” move and this is something the chiropractor told me to avoid!  WTF!  When I told the therapist this he rolled his eyes and said, “That just doesn’t make any sense.”

There was more conversation around my visit and why chiropractic care works for some things but not all as well as other issues I may have with weak muscles, tight hips, etc. but I won’t bore you with the details.

I’m just hoping that I’m on my way to a full recovery and that I can go back to leading an active and pain free life!  Oh – and I hope to start yoga soon especially since I purchased a one month unlimited yoga coupon for Charm City Yoga!

Lastly – this weekend was gorgeous, wasn’t it?  Despite my shithead neighbors (and these are ones I haven’t complained about before) trying to argue with me and Jeremy over parking, I had a marvelous weekend.  I even went for my first OUTDOOR jog on Sunday and managed to cover 3.5 pain free miles.  Wahoo!

I asked the PT if I should avoid running but he said that as long as I’m not in pain that I could keep it up.  I like this guy even more.



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8 responses to “A Second Opinion (my first visit to physical therapy)

  1. Oooh, I love those electric stimulation machines at the chiropractor. I’ve been seeing one from my car accident. Love it, but just like anything, it’s not the only game in town for getting better. I think yoga is very healing as long as you don’t go gangbusters.

    Those electric stim machines are magic!

    And agreed – that’s pretty much what the PT guy said. Yoga can be great but it can hurt you if you push yourself beyond your limits.

  2. Kt

    So glad your first PT appointment went well. I hope it provides you some relief from the pain that lasts!

    I hope so too! I’m still totally game for acupuncture though.

  3. I’m a PT who just wrote a book to help people like yourself with back pain. I’m glad you’re happy with your results! Best to you and thanks for your blog.

  4. angelina

    ~*hey kim! i am a definite believer in PT, so if it works for you, than stick with it! but i talked to my friend (the accupuncturist) and he’s totally game for seeing you if you’re up for it. let me know and i’ll give you the details.

    Awesome! thank you!

  5. Glad to see that you’ve finally learned the sad, sad truth: all chiropractors are quacks. Quacks. Once they lure you in, you can never, never leave. Get out! While you still can!

    I got out! 🙂

  6. I want to hear more about the parking argument! And I also offer free lower back and butt massages.

    What a nice offer!

  7. Glad you found someone who is helping you heal! It’s really hard to find the right solution sometimes.

  8. Awesome news. Glad you are looking at alternatives since the chiropractor didn’t seem to be working.

    And, might I add, that I loathe those darn electric stimulation machines. I know they do great things, but argh. Those machines and I are not the best of friends after two knee surgeries. That is all. Don’t mean to steal your thunder. =)

    Not a good experience? That stinks! I love the electric stim although I prefer the manual manipulation (as the PT called it). The electric stim machine kind of seems like a cop out for some therapists.

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