Dirty 30 – Another Friend Turns 30 Today

Today is the birthday of a few friends of mine but most notably, it is the birthday signifying the FIRST of my close friends turning 30 this year.

And how are we celebrating?

KARAOKE, baby!

Duets Movie Still

While it would be cool if Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis were singing karaoke, sadly this is just from their movie about karaoke (Duets)

Last year at a friend’s 30th birthday, I decided it would be a great idea if I just drank whiskey on the rocks all night.  My thought process was that I could just sip one drink all night long.

About 4 drinks later, I blacked out and woke up to see vomit on my bedroom floor.  Not my classiest moment.

So I won’t be repeating that performance this year especially since I am the type of karaoke nerd that prefers to do it completely SOBER.  That’s right.  Drinking and getting super excited while screaming the words to “We Built this City” just leaves me out of breath. 

(Starship Video link)

I prefer to not feel like I’m going to die while singing my heart out.  I really feel that it takes away from the performance.  And I can’t rob the people of me butchering “Hungry Like the Wolf“.

(Duran Duran Video link)

I’ve been thinking of a good song to sing to my pal turning 30.  Any suggestions?



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4 responses to “Dirty 30 – Another Friend Turns 30 Today

  1. Meredith

    Reagan said this morning on the radio that he was going to do ‘I Touch Myself’ unless Theresa was up for a Lionel Ritchie duet with him. I told Theresa I was expecting a sensational rendition of Baby Got Back out of her tonight. Me? I’m going to sit back with a beer and a camera and observe the madness because really given a mic, I would clear the joint out!

    I remember him doing “I Touch Myself” like 10 years ago at a karaoke bar and filming it. Wow – karaoke and me have a long history together.

    I told Theresa I had some Hall & Oates for her tonight.

  2. No matter what the situation in life, Journey is always appropriate. Nothing says “bad ass” like a drunken rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing”.

    Ooh – that is a crowd pleaser!

  3. You should sing a love song with one of your coworkers. Oh wait, you already did that. And all of those awkward stares at work for the next several weeks. Oh, boy.

    haha! That is one of my favorite moments with you. “You’re the one that I want! ooh ooh oooh, honey…”

  4. Ooh, Hall & Oates is perfect!

    Also, We Built This City seems like the most perfect karaoke song ever . . . .

    It totally IS the perfect karaoke song!

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