Mr. Rain’s Funhouse Brunch – A Review

My very dear friend turned 30 over the weekend and to continue our celebration (we karaoke’d our hearts out on Friday) – we hit up Mr. Rain’s Funhouse in the American Visionary Art Museum for brunch on Sunday.

Before even suggesting this location, I swore that I had seen a TON of vegetarian options here so I didn’t bother to revisit the menu before brunch.  I mean – its brunch.  There will be waffles and stuff, right?


I don’t want to imply that I had a bad meal – I think I was just caught off guard by the super fancy and unusual brunch menu.  I was also surprised that there was only ONE vegetarian brunch menu option.  ONE.  for brunch.


I liked their centerpieces.  They were peacock feathers in this weird metal twisted tube thing.

Picture of the centerpiece at Mr. Rain's Funhouse

We kick started our brunch with some drinks.  Most of us ordered the classic bloody mary ($9).  Just an FYI – there is no clam sauce (yay!) and they use ginger.  It was good but I really prefer my bloody mary spicy.

The birthday girl ordered a mimosa ($9) and she liked it.

Picture of a mimosa drink and a bloody mary drink.

The drinks were garnished: orange peel on the mimosa and an olive in the bloody mary.

Jeremy and I both got an order of the curried crepes (seasonal vegetables, bulgur wheat, chevre – $14) since it was the only vegetarian brunch menu item (outside of a salad).

Picture of curried crepes from Mr. Rain's Funhouse restaurant.

Delightful but not breakfast-y.

It was REALLY good.  However, I prefer (and Jeremy said the same thing) my brunch food to be more breakfast-y.

I don’t remember what anyone else got but I do know that they had kimchi pancakes with the bday gal’s meal.  And the pancakes were good!  Not as good as from a Korean restaurant (in my opinion) but still good.

I’m not sure if this review seems like a positive one for the place.  I thought it was good, just different.  It was also a tad pricey.  We spent $100 in drinks alone (2 drinks a person)!  I’ve always been accustomed to “all you can drink” bloody mary/mimosas at other brunch establishments.

Anywho – after brunch, we popped into the AVAM’s gift shop.

Picture of "beer goggles" and "champage glasses" from the American Visionary Art Museum gift shop

Jeremy's got beer goggles and Theresa's got champagne glasses.

Picture of "Happy Birthday" glasses and margarita glasses from the American Visionary Art Museum gift shop

Happy Birthday! And Jeremy's ready for some margaritas.

Picture of a two-headed baby doll from the American Visionary Art Museum gift shop

My what an adorable baby you have there. Yikes!

Apparently if you become a member at the AVAM, you get 10% off your meal at Mr. Rain’s Funhouse. 

Would I go back?  Sure!  Was I a little disappointed?  Yes, but am I not disappointed about something.  I tend to have really high expectations about certain things (like restaurants).



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7 responses to “Mr. Rain’s Funhouse Brunch – A Review

  1. Thanks for the review because I was just thinking about heading over there sometime soon. I lovelovelove the AVAM (and thanks for including those silly gift shop pics!), but after reading your review (as a veghead), not sure I would sprint over there for my next meal. That is quite expensive for drinks as well. I am glad you seemed to have a great time and cheers (!) to trying new places in Charm City.

    I’m glad I could advise a fellow vegetarian!

  2. I hope you mean that the group spent $100 on drinks, not just you and Jeremy. Otherwise, we need to have a talk. (Mostly about how if you’re going to get sloshed before noon, might as well do it at home where the booze is cheaper.)

    It was the group – but the group wasn’t that large! Still – I agree with you… I didn’t anticipate it being so much. I’d rather drink heavily at home for cheap.

  3. i had a ton of fun with you guys on sunday … brunch was good but, as you said, i’m accustomed to more breakfasty fare. i actually really enjoyed the bloody mary, though i too like them a bit spicier and perhaps with some spice around the rim … you know how i like my rim spicy … (bazing) … i had the crabs benedict and it was very tasty and was obviously real crab with the several pieces of shell i found amid the generous portion of lump crab and poached egg. i would go there again, for sure, but more for the atmosphere than the actual food.

    I would go there as well and agree – it would be more for the atmosphere (and the company! I had fun with you too)

  4. dangit i was really hoping you would have loved it! maybe next time we should go during lunchtime? I agree with you about having more breakfasty items during brunch. i’m the same way!

    I would definitely try their lunch!

  5. theresa

    best thing about brunch was the company!! i was also amused by all the shiny objects i got to look at while eating. the flip n chick – filipino style fried chicken and kimchi pancakes – super tasty! i agree the kimchi pancakes were not as good as ones from a korean restaurant but was pleasantly surprised by the amount of chicken i was given. don’t forget the pretzel bites they gave us – those were yummy too and now i’m craving soft pretzels.

    Oh man! I can’t believe I forgot about the pretzel bites. They were awesome!

  6. i’d like to amend my comment … i would go back for the atmosphere AND the pretzel bites … mmmmm.

  7. omg, that two-headed devil baby is so disturbing.

    and i just read theresa’s comment…think i might go there just to try the flip n chick. it sounds delicious!

    That store is absolutely crazy! I think you’d have a field day just taking pictures of the odds and ends in there.

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