Karaoke Fun

As I blogged about before, we celebrated my pal’s dirty 30th birthday by singing terrible karaoke in Federal Hill.

Unfortunately the bar was lacking in Hall & Oates choices (I was really hoping for You Make My Dreams and was very disappointed) but I think we more than made up for it with a variety of other terrible (and awesome) songs.

There aren’t a ton of pictures from that night but I thought I’d share 2 (courtesy of Meredith and Terri).

First off – the bar was sort of quiet in terms of karaoke participants so at one point, I think I was singing several songs back to back.  And by singing, I was more like YELLING the lyrics but whatever. 

One of my absolute favorite songs to sing is “Islands in the Stream” (Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers).  Can you guess whose part I sing?  Kenny f’n Rogers.  I’m not sure how or when this was established but anytime I sing a male/female duet with Kristin – I get stuck singing the guy’s part.   This happens with any song from Grease and the fantastic Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow song “Picture”. 

I apparently give off a man vibe.


Picture of me singing karaoke. Singing as Kenny Rogers despite not actually being a dude.

When “We Built This City” (by Starship) came up – this was probably the third song in a row that I was singing.  And I was heckled!  2 douchebags proclaimed, “oh god – you again?  You’re killing us!”

That would probably explain why this picture below has me looking confused as opposed to singing anything.  I was pretty peeved because I was singing fucking karaoke… not trying out for American Idol.

Picture of me singing karaoke.

We don't actually look like we're singing anything. We look quite confused.

 At one point, one of the douchebags Kanye West’ed me and took the microphone and started giving a shout out to his buddy.  Um… what?  When he gave the microphone back I was sure to give the birthday girl a big shout out (much to her dismay).

But that dude really fucked up my karaoke mojo.  He pretty much killed my spirit and I stopped singing for the rest of the evening.

However, I think the entire bar was probaby happy to not have me butchering anymore songs and I was able to actually talk to people.  I didn’t really hang/chat with too many friends because I was too busy singing. 

Have you karaoked?



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8 responses to “Karaoke Fun

  1. The only time I have karaoked was on my 21st birthday, very very drunkily. It was fun (we sang “Build Me Up Buttercup” and “Revolution” by the Beatles), but I am not a huge fan of karaoke in general.

    Sorry that lame guy ruined your karaoke vibe. Karaoke is supposed to be fun and it sucks when someone takes that from you. :\

    I’m not a fan of karaoke when “serious” people do it… I love the crazy drunk karaoke people.

  2. Why must people be douchebags? Gah, I hate that. And yes, I’ve karaoked, I love it 🙂

    It is so fun! How can people NOT love it?

  3. Meredith

    I totally forgot about your shout-out you gave the birthday girl..that was f’in hysterical!!

    And really I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself…I thought you were one of the better singers there. And you didn’t knock your head on the wall while singing like the dude doing Bust A Move so props to you 🙂

    Islands in the stream
    That is what we are
    No one in between
    How can we be wrong…

    Ha! I missed it… but I know who you’re talking about. That dude loved to sing.

  4. I have never karaoked in my life, which is ironic since I have six years of private voice lessons behind me. I think a large part of it is because I’m terrified of having your experience. (That and I’m afraid people will judge me for my song choices!) It’s something I’d like to do someday, I just have to find my balls first. (Or six or seven drinks, whichever is easier to procure.)

    You’ve had voice lessons? Man – I wish you lived in Baltimore! I’d love to karaoke with you. 🙂

  5. haha. The last picture cracked me up. But major props for getting up there and doing it!

    I have only done it once or twice in my life and was heavily intoxicated, so I was able to muster up the courage.

    I think when you do it enough – it doesn’t seem that difficult anymore. Believe me – I’ve done plenty of karaoke SOBER. 🙂

  6. angelina

    ~*LOVE the pics! and poo-poo to the buzz kill who interrupted your game! karaoke is so much fun<3

    You know… in all the time we’ve known each other, I don’t think we’ve ever karaoked together.

  7. i’ve never karaoked in public and don’t ever want to. it’s too much pressure! kudos to you and kristin – i’m sure you rocked it!

    p.s. i want your sweater.

    Karaoke is so freeing! 🙂 And thanks! I got that sweater on sale from The Gap.

  8. I LOVE these songs: “Islands in the Stream” (Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers). Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow song “Picture”.

    Most people my age have never heard of Kenny Rogers.

    I don’t have the cojones to sing in front of people.

    I am so awful that I think it is hilarious to make an ass out of myself. 🙂

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