A Conversation with my Mom

I just celebrated another good friend (my maid of honor) turning 30 last night.  Holy hell – two 30th birthday celebrations two weekends in a row… KILLING ME.

Anywho.  Back to the topic.

I called my mom on Thursday to chat and mentioned that I was buying a gift for my maid of honor’s birthday.  Then I mentioned that my other good friend (a bridesmaid!) turned 30 the previous weekend.

Me: “So [friend 1] and [friend 2] just turned 30.  You know what that means, right?  I’m turning 30 soon.  How does that make you feel?”

Mom: “Me?  I’m okay but you’re getting old…”

Me: [laugh]

Mom: “… but don’t feel bad.  I didn’t have a baby yet at your age either.”

Me: “Well I didn’t feel bad until now.  Thanks!”



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5 responses to “A Conversation with my Mom

  1. Girl, what’s your problem? Get on that baby-making already.

    I know! Geez…

  2. Ouch…ouch. Well, at least she’s taking the direct approach, none of that, “Why don’t I have grandkids yet?” shit.

    hahaha… she usually just stares at my belly sadly most of the time.

  3. The Far Away One

    Classic Mia!!! This actually made me chuckle out loud…

    Haha! You’re so lucky that your mom is SO not like my mom.

  4. The Far Away One

    Ha! That’s because I hang up on here when she pisses me off. You actually have to have a conversation with someone for them to try and guilt trip you. It’s all about distance. But as much as I love Mia and she makes me laugh, I’m really glad she’s not my mother. I don’t have your sense of humour, patience, and understanding.

    haha! I need to put more distance between us… (although I love her dearly)

  5. Ha! That’s hysterical!

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