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A Funny Conversation with my Husband

I think my husband is one of the funniest people I know – but I’m pretty sure nobody else finds him nearly as funny as I do.

We were driving home from the grocery store the other day and we passed a salon.  This triggered a question in my head (although I never bothered to mention why I was asking).

Me: What are your thoughts on Brazilians? (totally meaning the waxing since I was looking at a salon)
Jeremy: [long pause] Wait – are you asking about the wax or the people?

I’m not sure why I found that to be so funny.  Why would I be asking what he thought about brazilian people?  But then again, why would I be asking about waxing (he didn’t notice the salon). 

We have a lot of these types of conversations because I have a tendency to think about a million random things while in the car and just spout of comments and questions without context.

And while we’re on the topic of waxing – Jeremy suggested electrolysis.  Why bother getting a monthly wax if you could just permanently get rid of unwanted hair.

My thought?  What if I need that hair someday.  I mean – we clearly have it for a reason.  He thinks I’m crazy… but I’ll have the last laugh when the apocalypse comes and the weather is freezing and all those ladies without hair will be freezing but I’ll have a nice and warm…

(Jeremy thinks I’m crazy)


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