A Funny Conversation with my Husband

I think my husband is one of the funniest people I know – but I’m pretty sure nobody else finds him nearly as funny as I do.

We were driving home from the grocery store the other day and we passed a salon.  This triggered a question in my head (although I never bothered to mention why I was asking).

Me: What are your thoughts on Brazilians? (totally meaning the waxing since I was looking at a salon)
Jeremy: [long pause] Wait – are you asking about the wax or the people?

I’m not sure why I found that to be so funny.  Why would I be asking what he thought about brazilian people?  But then again, why would I be asking about waxing (he didn’t notice the salon). 

We have a lot of these types of conversations because I have a tendency to think about a million random things while in the car and just spout of comments and questions without context.

And while we’re on the topic of waxing – Jeremy suggested electrolysis.  Why bother getting a monthly wax if you could just permanently get rid of unwanted hair.

My thought?  What if I need that hair someday.  I mean – we clearly have it for a reason.  He thinks I’m crazy… but I’ll have the last laugh when the apocalypse comes and the weather is freezing and all those ladies without hair will be freezing but I’ll have a nice and warm…

(Jeremy thinks I’m crazy)



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8 responses to “A Funny Conversation with my Husband

  1. Kt

    Ha I think Ian is one of the funniest people ever – I think that’s a good thing if you find the hubs that funny. Humor is so important.

    And I’m pretty sure both our hubbies are used to the most random questions/comments from us.

    I totally agree! I think I’d die without humor.

  2. sjmonk5

    That’s great! Haha When I come out of the blue, Jon always says “And…out of left field – STACY!”

    haha – I love that!

  3. That last paragraph just made me laugh out loud. hilarious.

    But it is true! We have that hair for a reason, I am convinced of this!

  4. Vonni

    I happen to think my other half is hysterical. Which is good b/c Mom swears that the ability to laugh with (and at) each other is why they are still happily married going on 40 years. If you don’t believe me ask Terri…she’s their unofficial adoptee.

    As for hair…begone with you! I’m thinking alase (sp?) in the next month. 🙂

    Wow – really? You’ll have to tell me how the alase goes…

  5. That’s true, but they also say you need to have a period every month and I proved ’em wrong on that one. Do what you gotta do.

    That period one still kind of makes me wonder (and its why I avoid the type of medication that would prevent the monthly visit).

  6. Ironically, we just had this conversation the other day as well! Electrolysis also came up. But I have thoughts of things like, when I’m 80, will it be weird to not have hair? I too say we have hair everywhere for a reason.

    As for the period issue, I believe I read a statistic that said we have three times as many periods as our ancestors. I really don’t think it’s necessary to have it monthly. Many of my friends haven’t had one since having an IUD placed. Me, I wasn’t so lucky with my IUD.

    I have never heard of alase. I’ll have to google that…

    Three times as many as our ancestors? Now that is just crazy… and I will be googling this!

  7. Ha! I have had the same thought about laser hair removal. I mean, what if all of a sudden I discover what it’s true use was, and then it’s too late! Maybe some day, my rapid ability to grow armpit hair will be an advantage. We don’t know these things.

    Right?! I’m so glad someone agrees with me.

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