30 Before 30?

So in case you haven’t noticed, I started a 101 in 1001 list awhile ago.  My 1001 days are almost up (in a week… 4/21/2010!).  I’ve kind of abandoned this list so I thought I’d revisit it to see what was left.

Holy crap.

I will say that I have accomplished over half of the list and there are only 45 remaining items.  Some of these items are never going to happen such as:
89. Eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. 
I wrote that before I went vegetarian and clearly I’m not going to find anything of substance there for me to eat).

There are also a number of items that are just not going to happen in a week (basically any of the items involving travel) :

21. Travel to the California wine country
25. Go to Cedar Point Park
29. See The Grand Canyon
34. Go camping
36. Go on a random road trip (this would have to be planned at this point… making the idea of “random” not so much)
60. Snowboard all the way down a trail (the snow is gone!  I’d have to travel somewhere cold… and that’s not happening)
90. Eat at any Food Network star’s restaurant in NYC (I’m not driving up to NYC just to eat this weekend)

So, I’ve decided to rip off an idea from a friend and compile a 30 before 30.

I’m taking the top 30 (out of my 45) and determining what I can feasibly do before July 22nd.

However, I just tried to pick the top 30 and it was kind of difficult.  I mean, I have a few easy ones that I could probably bang out this weekend (like read an entire newspaper… isn’t it sad that I’ve never done this?  The internet has ruined me) but in terms of exciting stuff, well… just the crap is leftover.

So I’m happy to take suggestions on things I just MUST do before I turn 30 (within reason, of course).



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10 responses to “30 Before 30?

  1. i love those kinds of lists, but sometimes its sooo hard to get them all done!

    Not only is it hard to get them done – it is hard to think of a bunch of things you want to do that are reasonable! In looking back over my list – I’m wondering what was going through my head…

  2. Meredith

    If it makes you feel any better, my Aunt and Uncle went to Paula’s place in Savannah and said it was terrible! Think Old County Buffet in a nicer town 🙂

    That actually does make me feel better… and I’ve actually read the same thing before.

  3. M

    Buy yourself a nice piece of jewelry, go to dinner and a movie on your own and then take your parents to a museum 😉 Sounds like a good weekend plan?

    That does sound pretty good although I need a few days to mentally prepare to hang iwth my parents. 🙂

  4. Kt

    You totally could’ve taken care of buying a nice piece of jewelry last night woman 🙂

    Haha – I should have!

  5. Vonni

    I think you should beat the neti pot fail. Surely you can figure that out before you turn 30. 🙂 One other item is to pick up a guide book for Baltimore and go play off the beaten path tourist and find some off the wall tourist site.

    Ooh – I like that tourist idea! And I WILL conquer that damn neti pot.

  6. angelina

    ~*kimmie! omg! i’ve been SOOOO busy that i even momentarily forgot about my *30 before 30! i was talking to antoine and i think we may want to try sky-diving this summer! add that to your list because i may just have to change my list to *31 before 30! p.s. *we gotta catch up, big time!

    oooh – a part of me has always wanted to try skydiving (and the other part feels sick just thinking about it).

  7. Factor

    People in MD think NYC is so far away.

    It is far enough that I need to plan ahead!

  8. Have you ever been to a movie by yourself?

    I haven’t – isn’t that lame? I don’t know what is stopping me.

  9. Everything and anything you wished you’d done in your very early 20’s. Basically, just act like a crazy youth and only have fun!

    Oh man – I don’t know if I can physically handle the lifestyle I wanted to live in my early 20s!

  10. One of my things to do before 30 was go on a hot air balloon ride, which I’ll be doing on my honeymoon in June. You could probably do that before July if you have the money!

    That is so cool (that you’re doing that on your honeymoon)!

    I have some weird fears with hot air balloons so I’m not sure I can add that to my list. The same goes for skydiving – it seems cool but I’m too much of a weenie.

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