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91 Years Young

The evening is almost over and as I gazed lovingly into my dog Petie’s eyes while he tried to lick my face… I remembered that today is his birthday!

Petie is officially 13.  That translates to 91 HUMAN years. 

Holy hell!

He still acts like a puppy although we’ve noticed him hesitating to run up the flight of stairs… and don’t even get me started on thinking of him getting really old because I just can’t deal with the thought of THAT.

So here are some random pictures I pulled from my phone.  If anyone were to ever steal my phone, they’d see a bajillion pictures of food and my dogs. 

A picture of my dog, Petie

Petie gets bored when we play on the computer.

A picture of my dog, Petie, watching television

Petie loves to watch TV

A blurry photo of my dog, Petie

It is really difficult to get Petie to sit still especially if he sees an animal on TV

A picture of my dog, Petie, sleeping

Petie and Emily love to curl up around us in bed. While it can be super cute, it can get ridiculously hot and they do not hesitate to shove you our of their way.

Happy birthday, Petie!


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