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3 Years

3 Years ago today, I married a man that…

  • Makes me laugh nearly every day
  • Takes care of the crap I don’t want to take care of… like finances and vacation booking
  • Converted to a vegetarian diet because I was such a nut about animal welfare
  • Puts up with my crazy
  • Is able to cook ridiculously delicious meals
  • Supports me in all of my decisions including (but not limited to):
    • Triathlon – getting up at the butt crack of dawn and hanging around ALL day to snap pictures and cheer me on
    • Marathon – cooking pancakes for me after my long training runs, calming me when I cried through my injury and running all over Philly to make sure he caught up with me on the course
  • Is good at everything he does – like running a half marathon without any training and still running it faster than I could ever hope to run it
  • Still loves me even when I vomit all over his car and on our bedroom floor after a night of binge drinking

Okay – the list could go ON and ON and ON… but these were the highlights from the last year.

While sometimes I feel like time is flying by – I’m feeling more and more like “we’ve only been married for 3 years?”¬† And I don’t mean that in a negative way – I mean that in the “I feel like I’ve been with you my entire life” love kind of way.

Happy anniversary!

A photo from my wedding


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