Some highlights from my anniversary

One good thing came out of the Snowstorm of the Century that hit Baltimore in February.  It cancelled Jeremy’s class last night so we COULD go to dinner!  Although one consequence is that he has a final exam on SATURDAY NIGHT.  Ew.

I came home from work to this:

Photo of my anniversary flowers

Flowers, sour patch candy and toblerone. Perfect.

And I loved his card:

A photo of my anniversary card (front)

I'm a sucker for a picture of dogs.


A photo of my anniversary card (inside)

This is funny because it is SO true... and it happens both ways.

Anywho – as much crap as I give my husband about not being very romantic (not that I ooze romantic myself), I have to give him credit on being creative and thoughtful.

For our first anniversary, he instituted a tradition.  The tradition goes as follows:

  • bake a specific cake.  Jeremy invented his OWN cake recipe.  Granted it is comprised of pieces from different cake recipes but still.  If I tried to invent my own cake recipe, it would taste like poop.  This cake tastes like magic.  It’s a cake with chocolate chips, a raspberry filling and a magical chocolate and fluffy buttercream frosting.
  • drink a bottle of wine.  This is not just any wine.  Jeremy, one our one year anniversary, picked up a case of a pinot noir.  So every year, we drink a bottle of the same type of wine (all purchased in 2008) and take note of how the wine has changed each year.
  • Write in journal.  This journal was intended to write about how the wine has changed but I thought it was boring.  So on top of the wine notes, we write down what we did to celebrate our anniversary and then highlights from the year.  It sounds corny but it was kind of cool to read how we celebrated last year (apparently the weekend was filled with a friend’s wedding and taking Petie to the vet).

Well, we did all of those things and we also dined at The Dogwood.  Last year we went to Ixia and LOVED it.  We had even deemed it our anniversary restaurant but sadly it closed down.  Apparently we should have deemed it our “let’s go all the time” restaurant to help it stay afloat.

For gifts we opted to register for a Motorcycle Basic Rider Safety course.  That’s right – we’re learning how to ride motorcycles (and potentially get licensed).  Unfortunately these courses are crazy popular so we won’t be attending until August.  And if you follow the traditional wedding gifts by year – year 3 is leather.  I guess motorcycles are kind of related to leather, right?

I’ll blog about The Dogwood tomorrow.  It was awesome.



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5 responses to “Some highlights from my anniversary

  1. Kt

    We LOVE The Dogwood. So so great.

    And motorcycle lessons – really?!

    It is SO good!

    And yes! We actually chatted about motorcycle lessons last year and never did anything about it. I thought it was a good way to feel adventurous without actually doing anything TOO crazy. 🙂

  2. great card and love the traditions. I might have to steal the journal idea. cant wait to see your recap of dogwood. we love that place too.

    I love the journal – I definitely think it is a great way to document your anniversaries and marriage.

  3. Mike often talks while I pretend to listen. I tell him that sometimes I just tune out for awhile and then come back in. Often I haven’t missed much and still get the gist of what he’s saying.

    That’s usually what happens with me. I only get busted when I ask him about things later and he had already told me during that time period in which I tuned him out.

  4. You guys have the best anniversary traditions! Love it! And congratulations!

    Thank you!

  5. What a sweetie! And I love that you’re taking motorcycle classes together. So unconventional; but then again, you guys aren’t exactly Mr and Mrs Clever…

    And your traditions? I melted. In twenty years, that journal will be priceless. (In other news, my husband said to tell Jeremy to quit raising my expectations. Jerk.)

    I love the journal… and I don’t think it is ever too late to start one (hint, hint).

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