Who Knew NYC Was So Close?

From Baltimore to NYC… it takes roughly 3-3.5 hours by bus.  I’m not sure why I always thought it was a 5+ hours trip but this recent jaunt to the big apple has made me want to pay more visits to NYC. 

Actually – I’d still like to live in NYC but that won’t happen anytime soon.  But it would be pretty cool.

Sadly – I didn’t take any pictures during my day trip but I tweeted a few photos (I’ll repost them here).

I went up with Kristin on a company bus trip.  She managed to score some tickets to see Wicked and she also made a reservation to Bobby Flay’s “Bar Americain”.  Everything else was unplanned.

We left Maryland around 7:30am and arrived in NYC around 10:45am.  Actually – the bus dropped us off right in front of Bryant Park and I squealed like a schoolgirl and rambled things like “fashion week! project runway! tim gunn!” (all things Kristin was like, “what the hell are you talking about?”).

Because I am directionally challenged, I really wanted to figure out how close we were to the Gershwin Theatre and Bar Americain.  We had 12pm reservations at the restaurant and tickets to a 2pm show.  So we walked around and stumbled into the M&M store in Times Square.   They were selling pretzel M&Ms and holy fuck, they are amazing.  My biggest regret?  I never bought a bag because apparently these aren’t out yet.

Pretzel M&M ad

Bar Americain was delicious but waaaaay overpriced.  That wasn’t a total shock since it was a Food Network chef’s restaurant but the bill was $75 for brunch… and we only ordered 2 drinks.  Hello?!

We had a short window of time so we popped into the Musuem of Modern Art store (because I pretend shop online at this store a lot).

Then we went to see Wicked.  And it did NOT disappoint.  I love love loved this show.  I would see it again.  I loved the spin on the “Wizard of Oz” and definitely want to check out the book (Kristin had read the book prior to the show).  The Wizard of Oz is one of my all-time favorite movies and I loved how the story was reinvented.

A photo of the "Wicked" stage at The Gerswhin Theatre

After Wicked, I decided I had to try the famed Pinkberry.  The closest Pinkberry was in Koreatown and we traveled through high winds to get there:

My pinkberry creation: original flavor with kiwis and strawberries

For those folks in Baltimore – Mr. Yogato (in Fells Point) is almost exactly like Pinkberry.  So while I liked my yogurt – it wasn’t anything new for me.

We didn’t have much time after that trip so we grabbed a slice of pizza and headed back to Bryant Park for pickup.  On our way back – we managed to catch this crime against fashion:

Fashion Crime in Koreatown

The best part (aside from the hairy boots) was that the girl in the black leggings was going commando.  How do I know?  The pants were SHEER.  Why oh why do girls insist on wearing leggings with short shirts??!

I know this wasn’t the best write-up – my brain is a little all over the place right now but I wanted to share my thoughts on the few tourist-y things I did over the weekend.

What do you like to do when you go to NYC?



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8 responses to “Who Knew NYC Was So Close?

  1. Sarah

    Glad you had fun! I want to try those M&Ms now….

    I used to live in NYC, and I love going back; I was just there a few weekends ago too. It’s so easy to make the trip from Baltimore!

    The M&Ms are amazing. I am waiting on the edge of my seat for them to be released everywhere!

  2. Wait, you were only 3 hours from my house? I wish I known! Not that it would have changed anything, seeing as I had to work all weekend, but it definitely would have given me a warm fuzzy feeling.

    Also, I strongly discourage reading Wicked. I saw the musical and read the book, and they only vaguely resemble each other. Oh, and I hated the book. Loved the show, though.

    Personally, I enjoy the Met more than the Moma. The line between “art” and “crap nailed to the wall” is a bit too thin at the Moma for my taste.

    Next time you find yourself in the city and need a date for lunch, (or dinner, or a show,) call me up! (Only do it 3 hours before lunch, or I’ll be a little late.)

    I’ve heard the book is a bit difficult to get through… lots of metaphors and side/back story.

    I love the Met too! Unfortunately I didn’t actually go into the MoMA. I have a soft spot in my heart for modern art because I find it to be so comical.

  3. Ah NYC, how I love thee 🙂

    Isn’t Wicked the best? I love it so much 🙂 And pretzel M&Ms? I feel like that’s what we’ll eat in heaven…

    I hope they hand out these treats in heavan.

  4. Vonni

    BTW…found those M&M’s at the Sunoco station I always get gas at. They are freaking awesome!!!! So start hunting…they are out there. Or I’ll just send you a package. 🙂

    You found them at a gas station?! I am hunting now!!

  5. smack

    I like to live here an not have people even get a frickin beer with me when they come!


    I’m sorry! I really did think about it but didn’t think we’d have enough time. 😦 Next time!

  6. smack

    also, I can’t believe you got that awesome picture of me from behind in my fave booties!

    I was too afraid to approach you. The booties are intimidating!

  7. Factor


    I would potentially come up to NYC for that…

  8. A few notes:
    (1) I love NYC
    (2) I need some pretzel M&Ms…stat!
    (3) Mr Yogato is amaaaazing & I have heard about the magic that is Pinkberry and I am looking forward to trying that!

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