Shower Season

I have hit the shower season… and I’m not talking about rain here.

There are a number of weddings coming soon as well as babies!  So that means bridal and baby showers are all around.

2 weeks ago, I attended to shower of my good friend’s future sister-in-law.  And I realized that I haven’t gotten sick of wedding stuff yet (despite being married for 3 years).  I still love all the little details and games that go into showers.  I think people should just host these type of parties more often.

… graduation from graduate school shower.

… finishing p90x shower.

… hooray its Friday shower.

You get the point.  Anywho – here are some pics from the shower…

Kristin made these fantastic favors – chocolate covered pretzel sticks. It was a shame that it was so frickin’ hot that day because these bitches melted so quickly outside. But they were still delicious.
Bridal Shower Favors

The shower was hosted at a restaurant in Cockeysville:

Bridal Shower Menu
Pretty Centerpiece

Shower details that I love…

In lieu of a guestbook, the bride’s sister made this adorable heart cutouts and attached them to pipe cleaners. The guests were instructed to write a piece of marriage advice for the couple and then place them in the vase. So cute.
In Lieu of a Guestbook


My pal snapped some photos of the bride & groom “emoting” (it is our favorite thing to do. You have everyone stand for a photo then yell some crazy emotion or situation and have the people react or “emote” and snap the photo quickly. Try it – it is a lot of fun). Guests had to match the picture with the emotion.
Bridal Shower Game

One of my favorite games is “toilet paper bride“.
Toilet Paper Bride Contestants

The “bride” on the left looks like she’s wearing an adult diaper… but she’s actually supposed to be in a wedding bikini.

Our bride is in the center.  Her look?  Las Vegas Drunk Wedding.  She’s a stripper getting hitched!

And we won! Team Photo:
Oh girl... what was THAT?!

I have no idea what the team is “emoting” (well actually only the bride and my friend are emoting)… so let’s guess. 

What emotion/situation are they displaying above?



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2 responses to “Shower Season

  1. I have to confess, I’ve never been to a bridal shower, even my own. During my engagement I was living several thousand miles away from all my friends and family, so my sweet fiancé and amazing maid of honor arranged a surprise digital shower via Skype. But even then, due to schedules and confusion over how to make the technology work, there were only a few people who could “make it.” It’s one of the things I kind-of regret about my wedding, never getting a real one. They look so fun!

    It was nice that your friends tried to set up a Skype shower! They are a lot of fun for the most part but sometimes they are a pain in the ass…

  2. I love the toilet paper dress one. Hehe.

    It is a lot of fun!

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