How I Scored in the Bake Off

Well son of a bitch. I didn’t win. I didn’t even place top 3!

The winners?
#1 – Chocolate truffle cake. It was good, sure… but it was a little too rich. I couldn’t eat more than a bit and I love chocolate.

#2 – Baklava. Okay – this was fantastic. The woman that made this is Greek and she made it all from scratch. In fact, I voted for this dessert.

#3 – Mixed berry fruit crisp.  This was good too.  It tasted like jam.  Someone noted that me and this particular baker split the fruit dessert vote. 

Lesson learned?  Make a chocolate cake next time.



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4 responses to “How I Scored in the Bake Off

  1. well…your fruit tart was beautiful. What about an award for best presentation?

    Thank you! And I wish… unfortunately there was NOT an award for that but lots of people complimented my presentation.

  2. Or make sure to add a little extra flavor to your dessert. And by “flavor,” I mean “acid”. You’d win for sure!

    Ha! That would make for an awesome work function.

  3. well your tart looked damn delicious!!! i tell you what , i LOVE baklava.. my mom makes it and it’s seriously amazing. nuts, honey, ill take it! but i say you still should have won 🙂

    Thank you!

  4. Did you save me a piece?

    I can make another one!

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