Green Wine in Tetra Pak Packaging

I was piddling around a wine store the other day just because May has turned into the month of drinking lots.  I’m not sure what has brought this on but all of a sudden – I want red wine ALL THE TIME.

I’ve had a good experience with sulfite-free wine (purchased at Bin 604 in Harbor East) but haven’t had much luck locating any other sulfite-free wines elsewhere.

The particular wine store that I patronized had an article posted about sulfites and whatnot and yet the salesperson STILL couldn’t point out which ones were free of sulfites (I did an intense search of flipping over bottles and didn’t see a single one). 

When I can’t find a sulfite-free red wine, I tend to go for labels.  I picked up a fun looking one called “Red Velvet Devil” (it was a toss between that one and one called “Boom Boom” all by the same winery) and as we were checking out, I noticed a group of wines in these interesting packages (Tetra Paks).  The other thing that caught my eye was the $5 price tag.

I ran over to the table and asked the salesperson about the wine and she said it was great but unfortunately nobody was buying it because they were leary of the packaging.  So they marked it down.  I picked up 2 packs of the Green Path Shiraz:

Image of the Green Path Shiraz Wine package

Image of the side of the Green Path Shiraz wine package

Image of the size of the Green Path Shiraz wine package

The wine doesn’t seem to have its own website but I linked to an article above regarding its announcement.  Apparently Whole Foods carries this wine (unless you’re in Maryland when stupid alcohol laws prohibit the sale of alcohol in grocery stores).

So if you see it – try it!  I just wished I would have picked up ALL they had available!  $5 is a steal.



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7 responses to “Green Wine in Tetra Pak Packaging

  1. Why no wine with sulfites?” Should I be worried?

  2. charmcitykim

    Its just a preservative used in wine. Its not awful for you but I found that I don’t get headaches after drinking sulfite free wine.

  3. Kt

    So was it good?

  4. charmcitykim

    It was delightful!

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  6. Hmmm. Not huge wine people, especially since the kegorator moved in. But I’m totally digging the packaging.

    I think the fact that you own a kegorator totally trumps any cool packaging for wine.

  7. I know this is a long time afterwards…but there are these packs that you can put in any bottle of wine (or glass if you are at a restaurant) that take out the sulfites! My MIL is severely allergic and loves wine… just something she couldn’t give up (I don’t blame her) and she found these to maintain her beveraging 😉 They are called Wine Sensitive ( They don’t even mess up the taste 🙂

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