Oh How I Love Massages

I’m kind of a strange person.

I am not a big hugger.  I hate the fake cheek kissing that has become so normal these days.  I am not affectionate.  I get uncomfortable when people get too close to me (outside of my husband).

However… I love getting massages.  LOVE. IT.

Everytime I get a massage, I vow to make it a somewhat regular thing and never follow through.  A part of it is the hassle of going to a spa (this is also why I didn’t cut my hair for nearly 2 years).  Another part is the expense.

Back in March, a lovely blogger posted a contest on her page.  She was recently licensed as a masseuse and was giving away 2 free massages.  Obviously I entered and I was pleasantly surprised that I won!  And it took me nearly 2 months to cash it in!

So if you live in Baltimore, I highly recommend that you set up an appointment with Claire Taylor.  She operates out of her adorable row home near Patterson Park (but also out of a spa in Hampden).  She also has a frequent customer deal (when you purchase X amount of massages, you get one 50% off).  I will definitely be returning… especially at the end of June.  June is setting up to be an incredibly hectic month for me with the BAZILLION home repairs that are about to take place.

Also – you should check out Claire’s blog.  She posts lots of cute finds on Etsy, fun art finds and great fashion finds.



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4 responses to “Oh How I Love Massages

  1. Kt

    Ha I always avoid giving you a hug or kiss because I know you’re so uncomfortable with it.

    And I, too, am obsessed with massages!

    Haha! I think I’m getting better with the hugs… I generally okay with friends I’ve met within the last couple of years. Friends I’ve known longer? Only get hugs if I’ve had a lot ot drink. 🙂

  2. I love massages! But because they’re so expensive, they have to be a special indulgence for now. If they ever become more affordable, I’ll get one every day!

    The expense is usually what keeps me from getting them regularly.

  3. I’ve never had a massage, but I can only imagine that it’s absolutely divine.

    I feel weird about physical contact, too. It’s so funny, but in high school and college, surrounded by theatre people, I was soooo touchy-feely. I had no trouble touching *anyone*. But since entering the real world, I find that because I don’t know where the line is, I tend to avoid touching anyone at all. Hence, Reason #647 why I’m awkward.

    I want to know when hugging/kissing became the social norm for greeting people.

  4. A massage therapist once told me that the reason she stays in business is because people crave human touch but feel too weird about hugging their loved ones… she thought it was a sad state of affairs.

    I hug people all the time, probably even people I shouldn’t. And I still love massages! They’re the best. If the government would subsidize even one a month for each American, the crime rate and road rage would drop like it was hot.

    That is interesting… but it makes sense.

    And I totally agree! I think massages make for happier people.

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