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Why Facebook Sometimes Doesn’t Suck

I will admit that I don’t like Facebook.  But as much as I don’t like it – I definitely use it as my catalyst for not needing to talk to people (hello?  That’s what Status updates are for).

Nothing ever new really comes out on Facebook but there have been the occassional scandals.  I’ve learned of divorces, cheaters and numberous pregnancies have all been aired out on Facebook.

However, there are moments when I love Facebook… like this past weekend when one of my absolute best friends from elementary school found me and sent me a note.

I get e-mail notifications on my phone (shout out to MOtorola Droid!  I love you!) – and I was in the car with my husband running errands.  I got the little notification, I opened my e-mail and saw the friend request from my dear old pal, Erin.

And I actually squealed.

Jeremy asked what I was so damn happy about and I told him that my best friend from elementary school sent me a friend request.  His reponse?  “I thought Carrie was your best friend growing up.”

Hello?  I was like 9 years old.  I have multiple best friends… I even had a revolving door of best friends like most little kids.  Erin was one of them!

I was stoked to see that she’s living it up in Florida and that her family is doing so well.  She sent me her number and said if I wanted to catch up, I should definitely call her.

While I’d absolutely love to – I hardly call anyone.  I get weekly phone calls from my mom declaring that if she didn’t call me, I’d never know if she was dead because I don’t call her.  I talk to my brother maybe 3 times a year.  I don’t really talk to anyone else.

Do I call?  Do I not call?  Do I just send her MY phone number and write the same message?  I feel like I’m trying to hook up with someone on or something…

Ever reconnect with an old pal (I’m talking over 20 years) on a social network?  Hate talking on the phone too?


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Mysterious Injuries


I am a very clumsy girl. My legs are often covered in bruises (most of which I never recall getting) or there is a bump on my head, super sore muscle… mostly things I can’t explain.

Today I looked down at my foot and noticed a cut. And I definitely do NOT know where this came from. Any guesses?

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Wedding Dress Blues

If you recall, last year I lent my wedding dress to one of my best friends’ brother’s fiance (wow, what a tongue twister).  They were footing the bill for their wedding and I felt a little bad for them.  I wanted to offer anything that would help them alleviate costs.

The bride-to-be is roughly the same size as me.  Though she has a tinier waist and slightly wider hips (basically – she’s more of an hourglass shape whereas I’m a rectangle) – we’re the same height.  I told her she would have to get it cleaned and she could go ahead and alter it if necessary.

The wedding was this past Saturday at Oregon Ridge Park.  If you recall, it was over 90 degrees on Saturday… and they had an outdoor ceremony.  Oh, and the reception hall?  It WAS NOT AIR CONDITIONED!  Anywho.

I ran into the mother of the bride who gushed about how stunning her daughter looked in my dress and that I was SO generous to let her wear it.  The groom also gushed and thanked me.  The bride-to-be actually bought me a small gift as a token of her appreciation!  It was all lovely.

But you know what?  I hated seeing someone else in my wedding dress.  I really did.  It made me cringe.  She looked fabulous but I couldn’t shake the whole, “that is MY dress” from my head.

Even better?  When we were going down the receiving line after the ceremony (which was adorable.  They had an awesome minister!) – the mother of the bride gushed again.

MOB: Didn’t she look stunning?

Me: Yes!  I even said to Jeremy, “was I that tiny on our wedding day?”

MOB: Oh, I’m sure you were stunning but [bride] had to get it taken in a lot.

Me: {silence}

I think the mother of the bride called me a heffer.  Jeremy laughed and I spent the rest of the evening feeling like a fatty.  I mean, who says that?!  Anywho – I thought I’d post some pictures (I blocked out their faces since I didn’t really get their permission to blog about their wedding) as well as 2 pictures of me in my wedding dress for comparison.

The bride:

My wedding dress on someone else

My wedding dress on someone else

And as if I needed another reason to post pictures of me on my wedding day… (I tried to find some in a similar pose):

I don’t think I look THAT much bigger than the bride in my own dress.  Geez.

AND I heard that she didn’t get anything taken in… WTF?!


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Basement – Half Finished

This basement project has taken over my life.  But I’m happy to report that we’re halfway through the project… and the part that we finished was the part that really mattered anyways (since it was our office / guest room).

The other half is the partially finished laundry room area and we just need to paint the floor and rearrange everything.  However, I thought I’d share some pictures from our basement project.

Here is our basement BEFORE we pulled up the carpet.  All the furniture had already been moved upstairs but we had to do our own demolition before the waterproofers came in.  You can sort of see how gross the carpet was (lots of dark spots).

The dogs helping

Our nasty old linoleum floor in the laundry room area.  We had to tear up the floor for the waterproofers.

Our nasty old floor

Most of the crap from our basement sitting in our living/dining rooms.  This was driving me batshit crazy.
Mid- Renovation

This is what our basement looked like the weekend of June 12th.
Basement under construction
Basement under construction
Basement under construction

And here is what the half finished portion looks like today:
Finished Basement
Finished Basement
Finished Basement

We purchased new “eco-friendly” carpet (yes, we’re yuppies), Jeremy put up new drywall (which he learned to do by watching YouTube) and he repainted the entire basement.  We also purchased a new futon mattress (the old one was so worn down that it actually HURT to sit on it).

Jeremy moved our Wii into the basement as well to clear up the clutter in our living room.  It also gives us another incentive to hang out downstairs.  Now we have to tackle laundry room half and oy, that is a project.  It is amazing how much junk two people can collect in a couple of years.  So we’re sifting through our junk, determining what is getting tossed or donated and then reorganizing. 

Fun fun!


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Holy Mary mother of God… I am tired.

This past week has been a whirlwind of (watching) Jeremy finish up our basement renovation.  Wait – can I call it a renovation when it was really just repairing the demolition that was done to get it waterproofed?  Anywho – the basement project that included: new drywall, new paint, new carpet, moving furniture all over the house… and we still have more to do.  But now all of our crap is back down in the basement and not spread all around my shoebox of a home.

With the basement fiasco, we also hosted a shower for Katie & Ian and like 40 of their closest friends.  I was happy to do it – but I don’t think people really understand the level of anxiety I feel when hosting parties.  This is why we don’t really do it.  I will say that I thought things when swimmingly (I hope Katie feels the same way) and the house wasn’t wrecked like I thought it would be.

Saturday we attended the wedding of one of my best friend’s younger brother.  I still think of him as a 14 year old so it was weird to see him in his tux professing his love to another.  AND this is the couple that I lent my wedding dress to.

And let me tell you… it was fucking weird to see another girl in MY wedding dress.  She was super sweet and appreciative but I couldn’t look at her.  I felt a little bad.  Although they picked a venue with NO AIR CONDITIONING so I didn’t feel that bad.  I’ll have to post some pictures tomorrow along with a lovely piece of commentary given to me by the mother of the bride.

I’ll also have to post pictures of our basement.  I feel like I have so much catching up to do!

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Still Here

Hello friends – I just wanted to post something quickly to let you know that I’m still here.  I didn’t go on any secret vacations.  I’ve just been wiped out from getting our basement setup.

I will post some stuff soon… maybe today or tomorrow.  Don’t abandon me!

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Plumbing Update

Just when I thought my world was crumbling (or at least my house ) – I got a wee bit of good news today.

Remember the original plumbing quote and work required?  Today was the day that the plumbing company (Roto Rooter) was to do the work. 

Because neither Jeremy nor I could work from home today (something our company is generally flexible with) – my father in law made the trek over to Baltimore and hung out at our house ALL day. 

I received a call from Jeremy around 9am.  He told me that the plumbers came and whoever gave the original quote apparently didn’t know what he was talking about.  The guys that came today said that we wouldn’t need that much work done (most notably the demolition of our backyard!) and instead they could do all the work inside.  The quote dropped $2k. 


Another set of plumbers came to get everything up to code.  They were super nice, they played with my dogs and apparently also had dachshunds.  Seriously – dachshund people are awesome.   But I digress…

Here are some shots of the updated plumbing (in case you care):

Tomorrow B-Dry is coming to finish their job.  Jeremy will frame out the wall in the front room of the basement and perhaps even begin putting up the drywall.  He’s already started…

Also on deck for this weekend…

  • we’re getting our dryer vented outdoors
  • laying a new subfloor throughout the entire basement (this requires moving furniture back and forth between the front and back of the basement – we moved a lot of it upstairs but there were some ridiculously heavy items that were NOT coming upstairs)
  • laying new tiles in the laundry area of the basement
  • Jeremy will complete the wall
  • painting the basement

I’m already tired.


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