Vacation… Glad I Got Away

I went on another super secret vacation the last week of May.  Again – I never really publicize that I’m on vacation because Jeremy thinks our house will get robbed.  I don’t think our neighbors have internet access.  Whatev.

We went down to the Outer Banks, NC (again) but this time we stayed in Buxton.  Also new for the both of us is that we went with my friend’s family (her husband, her parents and her in-laws).  At first I felt like a little kid but it actually worked out just fine.

I’d also like to add that I absolutely love that her folks get along so well with her in-laws.  I don’t see that type of friendship often and I think it is awesome that they can vacation together. 

My parents are socially-challenged.  But I digress…

There isn’t much to do in Buxton.  In fact, there isn’t anything to do in Buxton so I ended up with a lot of this:
Image of bottles of wine

Also sprinkled in my trip was my attempt to run outdoors.  I haven’t really been running outdoors since the November marathon.  I’ve run twice with disastrous results.  Distrastrous in that I wasn’t able to run nearly as far and long as I used to and that is really ridiculously frustrating.

But I vowed to run at least twice while at the Outer Banks.  Running in Buxton is tricky because there isn’t any ideal running path.  When I vacationed in Duck, NC – there was a lovely path.  Buxton gives you a small shoulder on the road where tons of traffic zips by you.  It was stressful.  My first attempt at running wasn’t ideal but I was happy to do it.

Jeremy ran a different path (towards a lighthouse) and said he really liked it because, despite not have a sidewalk or shoulder on the road, traffic was light, there was plenty of shade and there were nice things to look at along the way.  For my second attempt I ran Jeremy’s path.

I ran past this lighthouse:

Image of a lighthouse

And up to a memorial for some fallen British soldiers:

Image of a soldier's memorial
Because of the limited amount of traffic – I wasn’t feeling as stressed and was able to run faster and longer while feeling fantastic.  Who knew I hated cars so much?

Sadly – the majority of the week was filled with dark clouds and rain but we did manage to catch at least 3 days of sun (and it was enough to give me an awful heat rash).  On one of the cloudy days, we hit up Ocracoke Island.  We ate at some restaurant, poked into a terrible gift shop (called the Treasure Chest!), were horribly disappointed that the ice cream shop closed and then were entertained by this:

Images of birds hovering around a car
Those are a mass of birds hovering around a car because they threw out a bit of food.  Jeremy started that trend by throwing a Pringle at the birds.  Immediately a ton of birds hovered around the car… it was like an Alfred Hitchcock movie or something.

So because I only ran twice, did nothing else but sit on my tush (I read a lot!) and eat a ton of junk food… this week has been tough.  I feel like I’m in a fog.  I’m exhausted.  I’m hungry all the time for junk and my workouts have been pitiful.


Tomorrow I’m attempting another outdoor run.  My goal is to get up to at least 5 miles outside.  Maybe I’ll even sign up for the Baltimore Half Marathon?  Who knows.

have a great weekend!



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6 responses to “Vacation… Glad I Got Away

  1. I don’t announce on public sites that I’m going on vacation either. Or if I do, it’s in a general sense with no details. Then afterwards I can talk about it.

    I’m surprised by the number of people that are so open about it!

  2. Sarah

    You should sign up for Baltimore! I did, if random strangers running it sways you any! 🙂

    haha – it could sway me! I know my husband is definitely going to…

  3. Honest to god, when I first saw that picture, I thought they were pterodactyls.

    I thought they were going to kill us.

  4. I think because of where we live people would be hard pressed to even find it… but maybe I should cut back on talking about trips! Who am I kidding – I get too excited about getting the hell out of town to do that.

    Me too!

  5. Ah, The Birds. It was actually a terrible movie. Not sure what the big deal was.

    I feel like that when I watch some old movies that used to scare the pants off of me (like any of the Friday the 13th). Now I think, “that was stupid.”

  6. Overall I think it sounds lovely. Reading and sitting on your tush? Yep, I’ll take it!

    It was delightful.

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