Plumbing Update

Just when I thought my world was crumbling (or at least my house ) – I got a wee bit of good news today.

Remember the original plumbing quote and work required?  Today was the day that the plumbing company (Roto Rooter) was to do the work. 

Because neither Jeremy nor I could work from home today (something our company is generally flexible with) – my father in law made the trek over to Baltimore and hung out at our house ALL day. 

I received a call from Jeremy around 9am.  He told me that the plumbers came and whoever gave the original quote apparently didn’t know what he was talking about.  The guys that came today said that we wouldn’t need that much work done (most notably the demolition of our backyard!) and instead they could do all the work inside.  The quote dropped $2k. 


Another set of plumbers came to get everything up to code.  They were super nice, they played with my dogs and apparently also had dachshunds.  Seriously – dachshund people are awesome.   But I digress…

Here are some shots of the updated plumbing (in case you care):

Tomorrow B-Dry is coming to finish their job.  Jeremy will frame out the wall in the front room of the basement and perhaps even begin putting up the drywall.  He’s already started…

Also on deck for this weekend…

  • we’re getting our dryer vented outdoors
  • laying a new subfloor throughout the entire basement (this requires moving furniture back and forth between the front and back of the basement – we moved a lot of it upstairs but there were some ridiculously heavy items that were NOT coming upstairs)
  • laying new tiles in the laundry area of the basement
  • Jeremy will complete the wall
  • painting the basement

I’m already tired.



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6 responses to “Plumbing Update

  1. Stupid code. Who needs to be up code, anyway? Code is a myth. (Okay, maybe not.)

    I do think, however, that hard work like that should be rewarded with ice cream.


  2. Kt

    Let us know if you guys want help or food or company! I know I can’t do that much, but Ian certainly knows how to do that kind of stuff!

    We may need Ian’s help with moving some of the heavy stuff. I def. cannot help (don’t want another trip to the ER!)

  3. Meredith

    So you saved $2000? This calls for a trip to the mall to reward yourself for your good fortune! 🙂

    Unfortunately those codes rule my life…ugh…code reviewers…they are a breed unto themselves!

    I am rewarding myself with junk food!

  4. Yesssss! Great news! That never happens, quotes never go down! I feel like doing a jig in your honor over here.

    Thank you!

  5. Good news about the price drop! We had a huge waterfall leak down our basement wall a couple years ago. What a mess. But it’s all good now – well worth it to have a nice basement.

    We have vowed to spend ALL of our free time in the basement after this fiasco.

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