Holy Mary mother of God… I am tired.

This past week has been a whirlwind of (watching) Jeremy finish up our basement renovation.  Wait – can I call it a renovation when it was really just repairing the demolition that was done to get it waterproofed?  Anywho – the basement project that included: new drywall, new paint, new carpet, moving furniture all over the house… and we still have more to do.  But now all of our crap is back down in the basement and not spread all around my shoebox of a home.

With the basement fiasco, we also hosted a shower for Katie & Ian and like 40 of their closest friends.  I was happy to do it – but I don’t think people really understand the level of anxiety I feel when hosting parties.  This is why we don’t really do it.  I will say that I thought things when swimmingly (I hope Katie feels the same way) and the house wasn’t wrecked like I thought it would be.

Saturday we attended the wedding of one of my best friend’s younger brother.  I still think of him as a 14 year old so it was weird to see him in his tux professing his love to another.  AND this is the couple that I lent my wedding dress to.

And let me tell you… it was fucking weird to see another girl in MY wedding dress.  She was super sweet and appreciative but I couldn’t look at her.  I felt a little bad.  Although they picked a venue with NO AIR CONDITIONING so I didn’t feel that bad.  I’ll have to post some pictures tomorrow along with a lovely piece of commentary given to me by the mother of the bride.

I’ll also have to post pictures of our basement.  I feel like I have so much catching up to do!


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