Basement – Half Finished

This basement project has taken over my life.  But I’m happy to report that we’re halfway through the project… and the part that we finished was the part that really mattered anyways (since it was our office / guest room).

The other half is the partially finished laundry room area and we just need to paint the floor and rearrange everything.  However, I thought I’d share some pictures from our basement project.

Here is our basement BEFORE we pulled up the carpet.  All the furniture had already been moved upstairs but we had to do our own demolition before the waterproofers came in.  You can sort of see how gross the carpet was (lots of dark spots).

The dogs helping

Our nasty old linoleum floor in the laundry room area.  We had to tear up the floor for the waterproofers.

Our nasty old floor

Most of the crap from our basement sitting in our living/dining rooms.  This was driving me batshit crazy.
Mid- Renovation

This is what our basement looked like the weekend of June 12th.
Basement under construction
Basement under construction
Basement under construction

And here is what the half finished portion looks like today:
Finished Basement
Finished Basement
Finished Basement

We purchased new “eco-friendly” carpet (yes, we’re yuppies), Jeremy put up new drywall (which he learned to do by watching YouTube) and he repainted the entire basement.  We also purchased a new futon mattress (the old one was so worn down that it actually HURT to sit on it).

Jeremy moved our Wii into the basement as well to clear up the clutter in our living room.  It also gives us another incentive to hang out downstairs.  Now we have to tackle laundry room half and oy, that is a project.  It is amazing how much junk two people can collect in a couple of years.  So we’re sifting through our junk, determining what is getting tossed or donated and then reorganizing. 

Fun fun!



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6 responses to “Basement – Half Finished

  1. Looks awesome!

    BTW, I love your house, especially all the frames you have on your walls.

    Thank you!

  2. Vonni

    Post your throw away/give away on freecycle. Someone may need it and will come pick it up. That will satisfy the yuppie syndrome. 🙂

    Not a bad idea!

  3. Dude, if you have any old Dominos or Blueprints send ’em my way. (I’m just hoping since I spotted some magazines in your photos.) I’d love you forever!

    Wow – good observation! I know we don’t have any blueprints but I’ll see about old Dominos.

  4. Factor

    Jer, next winter, pick me up, we’ll go riding in Vermont.

    Good! Jeremy needs someone better than me to snowboard with. I can barely make it down the bunny trail.

  5. your basement looks awesome! This makes me want ours finished immediately.


  6. Looks like it was worth the mess! Glad to see you’re finally starting to get to eat the fruits of your labor.

    I’m not sure if it was worth it… next time, I’d rather hire someone to do it!

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