Wedding Dress Blues

If you recall, last year I lent my wedding dress to one of my best friends’ brother’s fiance (wow, what a tongue twister).  They were footing the bill for their wedding and I felt a little bad for them.  I wanted to offer anything that would help them alleviate costs.

The bride-to-be is roughly the same size as me.  Though she has a tinier waist and slightly wider hips (basically – she’s more of an hourglass shape whereas I’m a rectangle) – we’re the same height.  I told her she would have to get it cleaned and she could go ahead and alter it if necessary.

The wedding was this past Saturday at Oregon Ridge Park.  If you recall, it was over 90 degrees on Saturday… and they had an outdoor ceremony.  Oh, and the reception hall?  It WAS NOT AIR CONDITIONED!  Anywho.

I ran into the mother of the bride who gushed about how stunning her daughter looked in my dress and that I was SO generous to let her wear it.  The groom also gushed and thanked me.  The bride-to-be actually bought me a small gift as a token of her appreciation!  It was all lovely.

But you know what?  I hated seeing someone else in my wedding dress.  I really did.  It made me cringe.  She looked fabulous but I couldn’t shake the whole, “that is MY dress” from my head.

Even better?  When we were going down the receiving line after the ceremony (which was adorable.  They had an awesome minister!) – the mother of the bride gushed again.

MOB: Didn’t she look stunning?

Me: Yes!  I even said to Jeremy, “was I that tiny on our wedding day?”

MOB: Oh, I’m sure you were stunning but [bride] had to get it taken in a lot.

Me: {silence}

I think the mother of the bride called me a heffer.  Jeremy laughed and I spent the rest of the evening feeling like a fatty.  I mean, who says that?!  Anywho – I thought I’d post some pictures (I blocked out their faces since I didn’t really get their permission to blog about their wedding) as well as 2 pictures of me in my wedding dress for comparison.

The bride:

My wedding dress on someone else

My wedding dress on someone else

And as if I needed another reason to post pictures of me on my wedding day… (I tried to find some in a similar pose):

I don’t think I look THAT much bigger than the bride in my own dress.  Geez.

AND I heard that she didn’t get anything taken in… WTF?!



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13 responses to “Wedding Dress Blues

  1. Girl you look stunning! That was a rude comment from the brides mother. You are so fit and beautiful! Don’t ever think otherwise

    Aw – thank you!

  2. I don’t see any difference other than the fact that it totally looked better on you 🙂

    Thank you!!

  3. Dude no. That woman is crazy. And actually, I think it’s more flattering on you. That was so nice of you to lend her the dress – Mother of the Bride needs to back off.

    Thank you… and I know! That lady is nuts.

  4. Stacy

    HOLY SH@T! Ha I can’t believe MOB said that! What goes through people’s minds sometimes?!?

    Anyway, you did a really great thing by giving her your dress so that she might have her “bridal moment.” Karma is now on your side 🙂

    I was in shock that she said it! She’s a bit crazy.

    And karma BETTER be on my side now!!

  5. You looked beautiful in your dress. The difference I noticed is that the dress fit you better 🙂

    Thank you!!

  6. Kt

    Umm – I think it looks odd on her in the chest. I loved your dress on YOU!

    Thank you!

  7. Meredith

    So your ‘Trash the Dress’ session didn’t trash it beyond repair?

    You look fantastic in the dress! I agree that it fits you better than it does her. The MOB was completely out of line but sometimes mother’s can be that way. I know mine sure can!!

    Nope! My TTD session just left is very dirty but there were not tears or anything. I was actually shocked at how CLEAN the dress looked!

  8. Sarah

    Beautiful dress – and you look very tiny in your photos (I don’t see a difference in her size)!

    A friend of mine got married a few years ago and her sister was a bridesmaid. Her sister was pregnant, and she ended up having her baby right before the wedding, so she wasn’t able to be a bridesmaid. The bride had anticipated this and asked me to step in – we bought my bridesmaid dress months before the wedding. The mother of the groom saw me before the wedding – and i’d met her before and even saw her at the rehersal dinner the night before – and said “oh, you’re wearing [sister’s] dress?”

    Yes. I am wearing the bridesmaid dress of the woman who just gave birth, the dress she bought intending to wear as a heavily pregnant person. Thank you. (for the record, I’m about a size 8 or so – not the size of someone who had a baby the day before.)

    OMG! Some people just have no couth.

  9. Well I think that you fill it out better in the boobage area. She needed a Natural Bra or some toilet tissue up there. Just saying!

    Ha! Thanks. Actually – the sad part about the boobage area is that she is actually chestier (because I am built like a little boy) but she’s much smaller in the band (but alot).

  10. angelina

    ~*kim! u looked absolutely amazing on ur wedding day! i think the mob may have said that out of her own insecurities for not getting her daughter a dress of her own! dont even sweat it cuz when i look at that dress….i *know its kim’s dress! and well…she kinda looks like exactly what she was…*a girl wearing KIM’s dress! 🙂 (it seems like she at least has more sense than her mom by getting u a gift and all). u did a good thing girl!

    Oh yeah – the bride was fantastically thankful and didn’t make me feel bad. Just her mom made me feel bad!

  11. Sometimes MOBs can be SOBs.

    I also actually think the dress looked better on you…it added curves to your “rectangle” as you put it, and it sort of accentuated her curves. Not that she looked bad. It’s a beautiful dress and it was very kind of you to allow her to wear it. You did a good thing! Too bad you had to feel bad about the mom’s comments.

    Thank you! I feel bad dogging on the bride – she was really thankful. It was her mom that was a super turd!

  12. You’re a better woman than me, because I would have felt like “THAT’S MY DRESS” before she even wore it. I’m possessive like that.

    Honestly? The dress looked better on you. And the MOB is a total C U Next Tuesday for making that comment – especially being the mother that wouldn’t buy her kid a wedding dress (seriously, find a dress that’s $200-$300 (hard but not impossible) and pop for it). It’s unbelievable to me how ungrateful she was after you let her daughter wear something that was so personal to you. LAME!

    I love that you wrote “C U Next Tuesday”! hahaha…

  13. Don’t blame you, darlin’. I still can’t go to anyone’s wedding, regardless of how close to them I am, without whispering to Kyle, “Our’s was prettier. I was prettier. My dress was prettier.” And on and on. Because I’m mature like that.

    Ha! I love that… and I have a tendency to do that too.

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