Why Facebook Sometimes Doesn’t Suck

I will admit that I don’t like Facebook.  But as much as I don’t like it – I definitely use it as my catalyst for not needing to talk to people (hello?  That’s what Status updates are for).

Nothing ever new really comes out on Facebook but there have been the occassional scandals.  I’ve learned of divorces, cheaters and numberous pregnancies have all been aired out on Facebook.

However, there are moments when I love Facebook… like this past weekend when one of my absolute best friends from elementary school found me and sent me a note.

I get e-mail notifications on my phone (shout out to MOtorola Droid!  I love you!) – and I was in the car with my husband running errands.  I got the little notification, I opened my e-mail and saw the friend request from my dear old pal, Erin.

And I actually squealed.

Jeremy asked what I was so damn happy about and I told him that my best friend from elementary school sent me a friend request.  His reponse?  “I thought Carrie was your best friend growing up.”

Hello?  I was like 9 years old.  I have multiple best friends… I even had a revolving door of best friends like most little kids.  Erin was one of them!

I was stoked to see that she’s living it up in Florida and that her family is doing so well.  She sent me her number and said if I wanted to catch up, I should definitely call her.

While I’d absolutely love to – I hardly call anyone.  I get weekly phone calls from my mom declaring that if she didn’t call me, I’d never know if she was dead because I don’t call her.  I talk to my brother maybe 3 times a year.  I don’t really talk to anyone else.

Do I call?  Do I not call?  Do I just send her MY phone number and write the same message?  I feel like I’m trying to hook up with someone on Match.com or something…

Ever reconnect with an old pal (I’m talking over 20 years) on a social network?  Hate talking on the phone too?



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6 responses to “Why Facebook Sometimes Doesn’t Suck

  1. sjmonk5

    I really am not a fan of talking on the phone and hate having to check voicemails even more! I think it stems from all those hours on the phone at rowe!

    haha! I’m not sure where my aversion to the phone came from…

  2. I am SO with you. I genuinely despise using the phone…and rarely talk to people on the phone unless I a) absolutely have to or b) have exhausted every other possible option.

    It has the potential to be a REALLY fun catching up time…or a super awkward conversation (the reason I hate the phone! hello awkward silence!)

    It really is like a connection from match.com!

    I definitely fear the super awkward phone conversation!

  3. Call! I have become a fan of not talking on the phone also, but every time I talk to my best friend (who lives across the country) I laugh a lot and feel so much better.

    I think you may have convinced me to call!

  4. I like talking to my mom and sisters on the phone, but even close friends, sometimes I’d just prefer email or gchat. And someone I haven’t talked to in forever? Yeah, I’d just stick with FB messages. At least for now. I think the phone is awkward. You can’t have any silences or they resonate as awkward pauses. And you don’t get any nonverbal cues, so you end up talking over each other and crap. Hate it.

    And that’s exactly why I hate talking on the phone…

  5. I despise talking on the phone, mostly because my stutter tends to act up on the phone, which only triples the awkward.

    My best friend from college and I have been trying to for a while to figure out a way to stay in touch. We tried talking on the phone, but we’re both super busy, and doing through facebook feels impersonal. So what we’ve actually started doing is writing each other letters. It’s old school and it takes a little time, but it’s super personal, and who doesn’t love getting letters in the mail?

    I love that idea, actually! Although knowing me – I’d never write a letter. I’ve realized that I only really keep in touch with people through e-mail!

  6. krista

    Ugh – I hate talking on phone…other than just a quick “Hey, I’m on my way”… and even then, I might just send a text. 😀

    Talking on the phone can be awkward enough with people I *know*…I think it would be really hard to talk to someone I hadn’t seen in 20 years. I’d definitely stick to email in that situation.

    Of course, maybe she’s a big talker and you could just do all the listening! 😉

    Right? I’m a big e-mailer.

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