Fun with Maternity Pictures

Our very good friends Ian & Katie are having a baby any day now.  I offered to snap some maternity pictures for them before the big day and was delighted that they accepted — mostly because I am by no means a professional.  I just have a DSLR camera and like to pretend I’m good at it.  The same goes for Jeremy (although I hate to admit that he usually ends up with THE perfect shot amongst a set of 100).

We shot the pictures at the end of June on a beautiful day in Baltimore.  We’re still going through them and editing as necessary (one day I’ll actually learn the proper lighting and camera settings needed for the perfect shot) but I wanted to share a few of the ones that I absolutely adored.

Ian & Katie Maternity June 2010 1584

Ian & Katie Maternity June 2010 1381

Ian & Katie Maternity June 2010 1640

Ian & Katie Maternity June 2010 1497

Ian & Katie Maternity June 2010 1480



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9 responses to “Fun with Maternity Pictures

  1. fromatopink

    Beautiful! Katie looks absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Kt

    I’m about to post some of them today too! I am SO obsessed with them!

    I am so glad that you like them so far!

  3. sjmonk5

    Holy smokes – you took these!?! Fantastic job – the one with Katie by herself took my breath away – absolutely gorgeous!

    Jeremy and I both did… I love the photos so far. But it was easy with such a photogenic couple!

  4. That’s gonna be one pretty baby! Also? Quit posting tweets that make me think you’re preggers. Or be preggers. Pick one.

    Haha – will do!

  5. theresa

    great pix and i love katie’s necklace!

  6. ZOMG! I may have known this before but somehow forgot (thanks to Mom Brain), but you two are besties/IRL friends?!? How did I not *really* realize this?

    These are gorgeous photos. That’s a gorgeous couple.

    This revelation is going to throw my entire week off.

    Yes – we’re friends in real life!

  7. These maternity photography shots are real unique, any shots next to water is my favorite anyway. Good work

  8. Love! I’m so excited for Katie, I’ve been following along on her blog. Fun to see these pictures of her and her man.

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