Birthday blah

This is the first year in my memorable life that I haven’t spent the month counting down the days until my birthday.  My birthday is next week (I’m turning the big 3-0) and I’m just feeling blah about the whole thing.  Jeremy asked if I wanted to do anything and honestly – I just want to go to dinner and that’s about it.  I’m just not feeling this whole aging thing.

This is also the first year where I haven’t had something specific in mind for a gift.  I usually have at least one thing in mind (and for the last couple of years its been a purse) — but this year I was really stuck.  Jeremy asked me for a list of things and I came up with really random stuff… a lot of which I’m not dying for… just things I thought would be cool to have like…

– a sewing machine… for all that sewing I plan on doing.

– a juicer… for all that juicing I plan on doing.

I fear adding a new appliance to our repertoire since I have a tendency to want gadgets but then NEVER use them (I’m looking at you, quesadilla maker).

So while I’ve been feeling a bit down about the whole birthday, one of my pals gave me a gift early. 

Jealous?  I’m only one chapter into the book and holy hell, Mr. Diamond is one angry child star.  I can’t wait to write up a full review on this magical piece of literature.

So I took the day and day after off for my birthday… any suggestions for what I should do?



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8 responses to “Birthday blah

  1. Vonni

    SPA DAY! And I sooo want to hear about that book. lol

    I love the idea of a spa day! And don’t you worry – I can’t wait to write about the book. I read a few more chapters last night and wow. Just wow.

  2. Kt

    If this baby is still in me, I’ll totally do brunch or something with you!

    If you haven’t given birth yet, I’m pretty sure you won’t feel up for brunch! 🙂

  3. Sarah

    Happy early birthday! I love your first gift 🙂

    Maybe you could plan a day trip to New York on your birthday? I remember you said how much you liked visiting (wow, do I sound like a creeper now!) and you can take those round-trip buses in one day.

    Haha – you don’t sound like a creeper! I do love some NYC. I like that plan…

  4. taraSG

    My birthday is next week too. However, I’m also not counting down. While I’m not thrilled about getting older, it’s more about not being where I thought I would be at this age :/

    Hope your bday is better than you expect!!

    That’s totally it. I had all these notions of what I’d be doing at 30 and I’m nowhere near that…

    but thank you!

  5. Do something totally childish and irresponsible. Chase down the ice cream man, sit in a sandbox, ding dong ditch someone. Because at 30? You’re a sexy beast that puts this 24 year old to shame.

    I love the idea of being childish!

    And thank you. 🙂

  6. I no longer have respect for D.D after watching him on Celebrity Fit Club. He is very angry and he even tried claiming one guy on the show was anti-semetic when nothing remotely close came out of the dude’s mouth. I know reality show isn’t really reality but even playing the part of evil dude, he was horrible. He reminds me of another Gary Coleman.

    BTW, 30 isn’t bad. Remember, there is no huge metamorphosis from the day before when you were 29. I honestly think my 30’s have been better than my 20’s.

    I saw DD do standup a few years ago (years before his Celebrity Fit Club debacle) and he was actually really funny. Then I saw him on CFC and thought, “what the hell happened?!”

    And you know – a lot of my friends in their 30s have said the same exact thing.

  7. Meredith

    Hey I’ve got a quesadilla maker as well. I think it will be making an appearance at the yard sale T and I are having in August. Yours is welcome to show up as well.

    And I agree…my 30’s have kicked my 20’s ass! I’ve accomplished way more in the first 2.5 years of my 30s than I did in my 20s so have to fear 🙂

    Despite not really using the quasadilla maker, I’m convinced I need it. Don’t ask. I do that with a lot of things!

  8. Maybe it’s better to not have that counting down excitement. I often get really excited for my birthday and then feel kind of let down when it just ends up being a pretty normal day. I’m all for just having a lazy, relaxing day where you treat yourself to something special and just enjoy your time off from work. I hope you have a wonderful, restful birthday!

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