Earthquakes and Why I Sometimes Think I’d be a Bad Mom

So apparently there was an earthquake in Maryland this morning.  I didn’t even notice.  The earthquake occurred at 5:04am.

I normally wake up at 5:15am every weekday morning (and yes, you read that correctly so hopefully this helps shed some light as to why I go to bed so early… or eat dinner at 5pm like a senior citizen) but this morning I woke up at 5:05am.  I was really irritated too because hello?  That was 10 more minutes of sleep I could have gotten but now I can’t really fall back asleep because I know my alarm will go off.

I didn’t hear or feel any shaking/rattling of the house but apparently Jeremy did.  I think that the earthquake probably woke me up but obviously not until after the fact.  I wonder if I’d be aware of a fire in my house before it reached my bedroom.  Would the smoke wake me?  Yikes.

In other “I slept through an earthquake” news – my dog, Petie, was apparently very sick last night.  Here is where I think I’d make a bad mom.  He hopped out of bed around 1am this morning.  I thought he was just hot but I heard him pacing the floor.  I got up and put him back in bed and he jumped back out again.  I’ve been exhausted lately and since I had a big meeting at work, I asked Jeremy to take Petie outside.

Apparently Petie had peed on the bedroom carpet, had diarrhea (outside) and puked.  I didn’t even realize the poor guy was in distress.  😦 

The day can only get better, right?

Are you a light sleeper?



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8 responses to “Earthquakes and Why I Sometimes Think I’d be a Bad Mom

  1. Kt

    I woke up – but I’ve been a light sleeper recently. Ian didn’t wake up until I nudged him a few minutes later and asked how he didn’t feel that!

    Poor Petie!

    Jeremy said he thought it was a train and I think I’ve just grown accustomed to tuning out trains…

  2. I slept right through it and I even am normally awake by then too!

  3. Meredith

    I slept thru it as well but I think the doggie was freaked out by the quake because she peed on my dining room rug last night. She’s never peed in the house before so I’m thinking it had to be related.

    Maybe that’s why Petie was in distress… he sensed it coming!

  4. I’m a light sleeper. I cannot sleep through anything unless I’m extremely exhausted. I have to run a fan at night just to fall asleep.

    I bet that Petie did sense the earthquake coming.

    Your story reminded me of a time when I was married and we had this lab-mix dog (his dog). I remember the dog pacing in the bedroom one night and being very anxious. He would come in and out and in and out and finally he left us alone. His behavior was unusual, but I had ignored it because, again, it was *his* dog and just let it escape my mind once the dog left. When I got up the next morning, I heard cursing coming from downstairs. I peeked downstairs to see my then husband cleaning up piles of diarrhea down in the foyer. I died laughing inside because, after all, it was his dog and he had to clean it up (and we weren’t really getting along well then). But I did feel terrible for the poor dog. hmpf

    I’d probably laugh too if I didn’t have to clean it up! 🙂

  5. As you know – I felt and heard the quake. I think I may have even opened the window and yelled out, “Hey, stop that you kids!!!”

  6. theresa

    i felt nothing and i’m actually surprised anyone up this way could feel something.

    poor petie – hope he is feeling better today. he seemed a-ok when i saw him yesterday afternoon.

    oh and i would hope your fire alarm would wake you up before the smoke b/c you’d be in trouble if the smoke was already coming into your room.

  7. I sleep like I’m in a coma. With the exception of my alarm, nothing short of a nuclear holocaust will wake me. What I’m trying to say is that I would not have felt the earthquake either.

  8. angelina

    ~*hey girly. im usually a really light sleeper, but for some reason, that night, i was KONKED out!!! i even think i may have been elbowed/punched in the eye by my hubs in his sleep…cuz i woke up with a splitting headache&pain on my eye! (now that i think about it…i think it may have been from the quake!) anyway, everyone around where i live felt it though! crazy.

    as for you being a horrible mom…*wrong! you’re gonna be awesome. but just to ease your mind, i have friends and my sister who were CRAZY HARD sleepers…could sleep through anything…but once they had their babies…they’d wake up when the baby would even sneeze! all *maternal! you’ll be fine<3

    I’ve actually had Jeremy hit me in his sleep! Its funny and also a horrible way to wake up. 🙂

    And thanks! let’s hope I have some of those instincts. I’m pretty sure I don’t!

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