Forgetful Mom

I love my mother dearly and she provides hours of entertainment and great stories (all unintentionally of course) but I have to say… there are some qualities about her that irritate me.

The biggest irritation I have with her is how she forgets everything or doesn’t pay attention to what I’m saying.  She claims old age but I really just think her brain is getting lazy.  She needs a better hobby than slot machines because I imagine the mind-numbing dings of the machine, blinking lights and constant button pushing (she doesn’t pull the handle anymore – apparently that’s for amateurs) aren’t helping to keep her brain engaged.

Some examples of things she forgets…

  • Whenever I tell her I’m going on vacation.  I’ll tell her weeks in advance but unless it is written down somewhere, she is ‘shocked’ when I come back and tell her I was out of town.
  • most of my friends’ names.  If she knew you well while I was in high school – she has somehow managed to retain your name.  everyone else?  Not so much.
  • my husband’s name.  I wish I was kidding.  If she’s in a hurry, she’ll refer to him as “what’s his name” and I make her take a minute to say it or I refuse to address whatever it is she’s asking.  She remembers once I force her to… but seriously?  I worry about how she’ll fair with grandkids.

But I’ve started to notice that she doesn’t really pay attention to what I’m saying.  I called her on Sunday to let her know I wasn’t stopping by (yes, I visit my mom about once a week… usually for 10 minutes because if I don’t, I end up getting a phone call about how much she misses me and how bad I’d feel if she died).

Me: Mom, I wanted to let you know we won’t be stopping by today.  We just got back from camping so we have a lot to do.

Mom:  Oh?  You’re not coming over?  Okay…

Me: How are you?

Mom: I’m tired and don’t remember anything anymore.  So – you went to your in-laws?

Me: What?  What are you talking about?

Mom:  You said you went to your in-laws.

Me: You weren’t listening to what I was saying, were you?

Mom:  No, not really.

I think this trait of hers is irritating me so much because I’m starting to see it in myself.  I half listen to people these days and forget so much (but I suspect it is more about not actually listening in the first place so I didn’t really forget, I just never bothered to pay attention when something was said or committments were made).

I think I need to learn Sudoku or something…



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2 responses to “Forgetful Mom

  1. I actually refer to my husband every now and then as “what’s-his-ass,” not because I forgot his name, but because it makes me stutter. Awkward, though, because then people do think I forgot it.

    Speaking of “what’s-his-ass,” I’ve been calling him out lately for that exact same irritating quality. What’s worse, I’ll be in the middle of telling a story, he’ll interrupt me, and never acknowledge that I was talking in the first place because he didn’t realize that I was talking! Soooooo irritating.

    Ouch! I’ve had my husband do that to me. I’ll ask him something and stare at him for an answer. he’ll look at me and say, “did you say something?”

  2. Meredith

    Lol…sounds like a conversation I had yesterday upon returning home from the grocery store…

    Me: Hey I picked up a few bottles of that iced tea that you like.

    Him: Really? Thanks.

    Ten minutes later as he’s standing in front of the fridge…

    Him: Oh good you got me that iced tea I like.

    My mother tends not to listen either, I think because half the time I talk to her she is either shopping or driving. I feel like we have the same conversations every few days. Another annoying habit of my mother is to ask a million questions about things she knows nothing about and it makes me crazy!

    Haha! Maybe we all just only half listen to people?

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