Reflection of my 20s Part 1

Today is my last day in my 20s.  And while I’m sure it has gotten quite old that I’ve bitched and moaned about turning 30… I’m still in shock at how quickly the time has flown.  In fact, Jeremy and I were chatting about freshman year of high school and he noted that it was 15 years ago.  15 YEARS AGO.

On this last day as someone in her 20s, I thought I’d reflect on how I spent the last 10 years of my life because seriously – where the fuck did the time go?

I wished I had planned this post a little better because I could have scanned some photos to go along with some of the years (because can you believe that I can actually claim that I remember a time when digital cameras weren’t the norm?).

Age 20

I had recently just moved out of my parents house into an apartment with a girl I barely knew.  We had a mutual friend and were both attending the same college.  Who would have thought that this strange girl would have ended up being one of the most awesome people I know?  Our misadventures in living on own own included: random road trips to visit a friend in NJ (lots of random road trips… like in the middle of the night trips), bad dates, weird boyfriends (okay – that was mostly me) and a ton of fun. 

I also started a love affair with the combination Taco Bell/KFC down the street from my house and promptly packed on 20 lbs.

One of my closest friends had her first child right before I turned 20 but I thought it was worth noting because hello?  My friend had a baby! 

This is also the year that my father had a heart attack and stroke.  I think this event forever changed my relationship with my parents as I was opened to just how depended my mother is on my father.  While my father laid in a coma, I had to quickly grow up and help my mother pay the bills, balance the checkbook and basically keep her sane.  I also learned that my father was not invincible.  It was the first time my father looked at me, cried and said that he didn’t think he would outlive his parents. 

Incidentally – this is the year that my mother and my brother had their falling out.  It was nearly 10 years ago that my mother stopped talking to my brother completely.  I still have no idea what happened.

Age 21

I can drink!  Yippee!  This is the year that I saw the disintegration of 2 friendships.  I fondly referred to them as my arch nemesis and thought them both batshit crazy for awhile.  Now?  Eh – I let it all go at some point but can still look back on some of the craziness that went down and chuckle.

This was also the year that I eventually ended up back at my parents house.  My beloved roommate and dear friend wasn’t renewing the lease and I couldn’t afford to live on my own.  Did I mention I had racked up around $11k in credit card debt?  Yeah – living on my own had a lot of lessons.

I moved into my parents’ basement (shockingly enough – I was petrified of the basement for YEARS because I was convinced that it was haunted).  I didn’t want to move into my old bedroom again because I had a boyfriend and wanted some alone sexy time… and apparently that can only be had in my haunted basement.  My mother would ask me at one point, “What do you guys do down there all night?”  Really, mom?

I also broke up with said boyfriend (where I learned he later painted a picture of me dead) and went out with a douchebag and a suicidal weirdo. 

Age 22

I graduated from college (undergrad).  I got my first adult job (and I’m still with the same company).  I quickly befriend a girl who started on the same day and found myself living in her house in Baltimore City.  Wahoo!  Independent once again!

This was also the year of the dryspell.  I was a serial monogomist and this was the longest I had gone without a date. 

I met a guy at the office who was newly separated. 

My roommate situation was starting to fall apart (mostly because of the guy) and I moved out… and into new guy’s house.  We had only been sort of dating for like a month!  Then the downward spiral…

Age 23

New guy was a huge douchebag.  I ended up moving home once for a brief period of time only to move back into his house.  I now completely understand the predicament of an emotionally abusive relationship.  I was constantly self-doubting myself and made to feel like crap on a constant basis.  I still have no idea why I stayed as long as I did?

However, I met a great group of people through this douchebag that I still hang out with to this day.  So I guess something good came out of something so awful. 

just a few of the gals I befriended that year

I also ended up meeting Jeremy this particular year through some mutual friends. 

My roller-coaster relationship with the douchebag lasted for about a year and oy… what a headache. 

Incidentally – this was also the year that Hurricane Isabel struck Baltimore City.   Neighborhoods in Baltimore found themselves under water (Fells Point, Inner Harbor, etc.) and I knew a few friends whose cars were totaled due to the water damage.  Me?  I lived in a neighborhood situated on a hill so I didn’t even notice.  I just thought it was raining pretty hard and even went out to some bars that night.

Age 24

I ended up moving into a friend’s rental in Canton towards the end (also a girl I didn’t know well but ended up loving!).  I was still somewhat with the douchebag but I had reached a point where I couldn’t deal with his bullshit anymore.

My grandmother passed away in November of my 24th year.  It came as a complete surprise and I was devastated that I didn’t do a better job at keeping in touch.  Right around this time – my relationship with the doucebag finally came to a fantastic end.  I also ended up dropping a ton of weight and reached my lowest weight ever.  Stress will do that to a gal.

I had a blast living with my new roommate.  We had a great rowhome located in a great spot (we even had some friends for somewhat neighbors). 

Shortly thereafter – sparks between Jeremy and I began flying and our magical love affair began.  I also quickly packed on 15 lbs.

Also after beginning our relationship, I broke my toilet.  This story has become one of the funniest and strangest things that I have ever done in my life.  Just a quick recap (and perhaps this is for another post) – I had way too much to drink one night (think black out drunk) and awoke to a soaking wet upstairs hallway and a toilet tank broken in 2.  I somehow managed to hit the toilet tank at just the right force and angle that I broke the damn thing. 

I’m pretty sure that it was THAT moment where Jeremy cleaned up my mess that he realized he wanted to marry me.

We ended up buying a house right before I turned 25.

In the effort to not make one ridiculously long post, I’ll write 25-29 in another post.  This time I’ll have more pictures!



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2 responses to “Reflection of my 20s Part 1

  1. Vonni

    LOL…I can’t even remember that far back anymore. So a word of advice…start noting big moments in your 30s now (ok tomorrow). The brain is the first thing to go.

    Vonni -believe me, I am forgetting a TON! I just remember the big stuff. But don’t ask me to recall what I did last month. 🙂

  2. Wow. Okay, first of all, I love that you can look back on your mistakes and tribulations and value them for the lessons learned.

    Second of all, you should tell us the whole breaking the toilet story. You see, last weekend I, too, got totally blackout drunk and smashed my leg on a rock and bled everywhere there and I felt bad because Kyle had to carry me upstairs and put me in the bathtub so I wouldn’t bleed all over the carpet. What I’m trying to say is that your drunk stories make me feel better about my drunk stories.

    I like that Kyle put you in the bathtub!

    I’ll def. share the toilet story soon…

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