Reflection of my 20s Part 2

I meant to post this yesterday but life got in the way.  So here I sit, on my 30th birthday, writing about my 20s. 

Age 25

Jeremy and I got settled into our new home.  We spent the summer filling it with new paint, furniture, decor… oy, the stress.  We become somewhat acquainted with a few of our neighbors and they mistakenly call me Britney.  This name lasts for years and in fact, I’m pretty sure the one still doesn’t know my name (5 years later).

Also this year, we adopt our dogs through the Dachshund Rescue of North America.  We pick them up from North Carolina from one of the sweetest foster moms we’ve ever met (Susie!).  I was hesistant the entire way down to pick them up.  I never really grew up with pets (each pet never lasted long in our household) and I knew our lives would change forever.

The instant we met them, I was in love.

This same year, Jeremy proposed (on April 15th to be exact).  The picture above of Emily & Petie was snapped the day he proposed. 

Age 26

Wedding planning took over my life.  I became obsessed with sites like The Knot, Wedding Bee and anything else that convinced me that I had to have an extravagant affair.  While I had a great time – it was definitely filled with some ups and some very very bad downs.  Wedding planning brings out the crazy in people (me included) and let’s just say that I’m glad everything is a-okay again.

The wedding?  Awesome.  It flew by.

(I couldn’t just pick ONE picture from the wedding day).

We honeymooned in the Maldives and it is still hands down the BEST vacation that I have ever taken.  I’m also glad we were able to go before the Maldives were named the top honeymoon destination (because we’ve looked at the cost of going back and it has more than doubled!).

(I thought I’d spare you the 500+ pictures from the honeymoon).

Age 27

After the wedding, we embarked on “home improvements” where we tackled laying a new kitchen floor, getting new kitchen countertops, a dishwasher and a new backsplash.  We also laid new hardwood floors (bamboo!) in our living/dining room, stairs and upstairs hallway.  Nothing brings a couple closer like home renovations.  Next time, I’d rather just pay someone to do the work.

This is also the year that I decided that I needed something to do with my free time (free time from wedding planning) so I enroll in graduate school.  The antics of douchebag classmates reign for the next 2 years.

We go to Philadelphia to celebrate our 1 year anniversary (and incidentally – this becomes the last time for a few years that we’re able to travel somewhere for our anniversary…).  We also go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Age 28

This becomes the first year I visit the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  This is also the year the Jeremy creates a Facebook profile for Petie.  Yes, my dog is on Facebook.

This is the year that Jeremy starts law school.  I didn’t realize just how different things would be when he started (since I thought graduate school was so easy) but I start to have a part-time husband during the school semesters.  But I am incredibly proud of his ability to manage school while working full-time and still passing his classes.

Also this year, we travel to Scotland to attend the wedding of my oldest friends (not in age but in length of time I’ve known her… I’ve literally known her my ENTIRE life).  Despite not knowing anyone – it ends up being one of the funnest (is that a word?) weddings we’ve attended.  I highly recommend that everyone attend a Scottish wedding.

One of my best friends also got married this year (and I was her maid of honor)! 

Lastly – this is the year that I declare that I’m going to be an “athlete”.  I join my company’s dragonboat team (and we win!).  I sign up for Iron Girl.  I begin running more.  I register for my first 10k… my first 10-miler… and then I convince a friend to sign up for a MARATHON.  What the hell?  I had only run 6 miles at that point.  Apparently I thought tacking on another 20 was no big deal.

Age 29

I don’t bother to really train for the Iron Girl.  Marathon training had started and my full focus was on logging miles.  I don’t realize just how hard swimming will be and completely panic in the water.  However, I finish the damn thing and I’m never doing another one.

Sweet Relief!

During marathon training, I encounter an injury to my IT band.  This injury completely thwarts my training and I miss all the double digit long runs.  But I am still determined to finish the damn Philadelphia Marathon… and despite the pain, the overall experience of participating in such an epic event surrounded by such awesome people really made me love the whole thing.  And I definitely want to do at least one more in my lifetime.

marathon 066

However, I am completely wiped afterwards and hang up my running shoes for awhile.  I’m still only running on the treadmill.

This year I also saw my share of pals getting pregnant!  So lots of babies will be around soon and I am thrilled for everyone.

I also graduate from graduate school (so I am a MASTER of something… wahoo!). 

We travel to Paris and London over the New Year’s holiday.

I finally take a chance and apply for a new job and get it!  This year was filled with lots of big news and changes as I enter a new age bracket.

Hello, 30!



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4 responses to “Reflection of my 20s Part 2

  1. It’s so funny that your neighbors called you by the wrong name. Despite the fact that my name was on our last lease, our landlady decided that my name was Courtney, and called me Courtney until the day we moved out.

    You’ve done so much in 10 short years. Here’s hoping the next 10 are just as exciting!

    (Also? Thanks to you, I now want a wiener dog of my own.)

  2. Meredith

    Your wedding cake is so cool. I’m sure I’ve seen photos but it was a long time ago!

    Your memory is quite good. I’m not sure I could document my 20s in the amount of detail you just did so kudos to you and best wishes for the next 10 years!

  3. Aw, Happy 30th, Kim!!! Lots of non-hug love from me.

    I started to be like, “oh, that’s when I started reading”–when you talked about home renovations.

    [Also: your napkin holder–my parents have that at their cabin! :)]

    Thanks for the non-hugs! 🙂

  4. Loved this! Maybe I’ll do the same thing when I turn 30 in four months.

    You should – I’d love to read it!

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