Chubby Girl

So I’m in that weird phase of pregnancy right now where I don’t look pregnant… I just look like I ate too many desserts & junk food.

People that know me swear I have a “belly” but I really think I just look chubby.   None of my pants button anymore (thank God for Target’s BeBand).

I look especially bloated after I eat which seems so ridiculous.   If you catch me in the morning, I don’t have much of a pooch… but catch me after lunch and I look 6 months pregnant.

I’m not enjoying this in between phase although I am hoping that I’m one of those lucky pregnant girls who ends up being just belly…

Sorry for the bitching.  I’m just really angry at my pants right now.



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7 responses to “Chubby Girl

  1. I remember that stage. It was quite frustrating because if I was going to be pregnant I wanted to LOOK pregnant…..not chubby or fluffy. Fortunately it passes, just need to give that baby some time!

  2. Hang in there. It DOES pass. Then you’ll just be huge all the time. I do agree that the variability between morning and afternoon belly is quite extraordinary.
    That’s cool the belly band worked so well for you. Mine rolled up like a cheap window shade!!

  3. christastic belly band hung out with me until about 6 months AFTER I was pregnant as well..those things are ah-mazing..for awhile..then they made my pants fall down once..but that’s a different story for a different day.

  4. Andrea

    The first time I had ugly pregnant lady cry was the time that my pants wouldn’t fit anymore…even with the BeBand. And I still didn’t look pregnant.

    Congrats – asian babies are the best! 🙂

  5. I’m *still* mad at my pants…

  6. BTW, congrats 😉 It will be awesome and if you need photos taken you know who to call!

  7. I would take advantage of this time by eating lots of yummy desserts. I mean, if you’re going to look like you just ate a lot of junk food, you might as well get the pleasure of eating the food!

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