Please Send Positive Thoughts to a Good Friend

I wasn’t going to post anything about this but it has kind of consumed me lately.

A fellow blogger and a good friend in real life, Kt (From Magerks to I Dos) just recently had a baby girl.  She was due on July 20th (so close to my birthday!) and was about 2 weeks late.  We were on vacation when she actually had Luca (her daughter) but I spent the entire vacation obsessively logging onto the internet to check on the news.

She has been blogging about her journey through pregnancy and I have to say she was a tremendous support to me when I was feeling blue about my difficulties with getting pregnant.  She had a healthy pregnancy and probably has the SAFEST baby stuff around (this gal does her research!). 

Jeremy and I were thrilled for Katie and Ian.  We couldn’t wait to meet Luca.  We couldn’t wait to be a part of this wonderful time in their lives. 

When we got back from vacation (Sunday), Jeremy sent Ian a text message and asked if they were home from the hospital yet (I wasn’t kidding when I said we couldn’t wait to meet baby Luca!).  But that’s when we found out that things weren’t looking good.  Ian told us that Luca was tranferred to University of Maryland’s NICU (they delivered elsewhere) and that Luca was sick.  We were on pins and needles to find out what was happening.

Luca has been transferred to the DC Children’s Hospital and they’ve been able to diagnose her and are currently treating her.  She has a rare type of Urea Cycle Disorder.  Luckily – Katie and Ian were able to spot that something wasn’t quite right before being discharged and they were able to start treatment early.  And it is clear that Luca is a fighter. 

We’ve been calling everyday, visiting them at the hospital and it is just so tough to try to imagine what they’re going through.  Katie has linked to Luca’s webpage on her blog so feel free to check it out to see how Luca is doing.  But please – even if you don’t know her… send them prayers (if you’re the praying type) or positive thoughts.  They could use all the love and support possible.



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2 responses to “Please Send Positive Thoughts to a Good Friend

  1. Meredith

    I don’t know Katie and Ian aside from meeting them at your birthday but I have been checking her blog for baby news. This is so heartbreaking and I will be thinking of baby Luca and praying for her recovery.

    The good news is, babies seem to be incredible resilient. My cousin’s daughter was born with congenital heart disease and last year at three days old endured a 6-hour open heart surgery. In the last 18 months she had had half a dozen lung caths and last month she had another open heart surgery to replace the valve she’d already outgrown.

    I’m sure Luca will be a fighter just like Natalie and her loving parents will be able to take her home soon!

  2. Poor baby Luca. How awful for her parents. I’m definitely praying for them.

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