Hating on Customer Service


I received a phone call earlier this month from a Verizon rep.  I’ve been a faithful Verizon customer for the last 7 years and while they have the occassional billing snafu – I don’t really have many complaints about them.  Until now. 

I noticed I had been receiving a bunch of calls from some weird phone number.  I don’t generally answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize but I had gotten so many from this number (and it was not a 1-800) that I figured I should answer it and see what the fuck was up.  It was Verizon.

The Verizon rep called to talk to me about the unlimited text and picture messaging plan.  I had apparently gone over my allotted 250 text messages for the month and they felt it was a good opportunity to offer me this new (read more expensive) service.  The problem was that the service rep wasn’t able to clearly explain the damn plan to me.

After about 15 minutes, I managed to get her to tell me that it was only an additional $15 to my bill.  Okay – $15?  I can live with that.  ANd she confirmed.  “Yes – only $15”.  I told her to sign me up. 

Well then I got my bill.  And it was definitely more than a $15 increase.  At first I thought it was the number of text messages that I went over but upon further investigation, I was being charged a little more than $30 on my plan.  So I called them.

The rep I spoke to said that the new service I signed up for?  Yes, it was only a $15 increase but that was to each line.  So I was being charged $30.  I asked why I didn’t see the $15 on Jeremy’s line and she gave me some crap about it all being rolled into my plan.  It still makes no sense.  And since Jeremy barely uses his phone, I asked if we could strip him of this unlimited text messaging (aren’t I a great wife?).  And she said no.  It was a package. 

I told them to revert me back to my old service. 

I’m irritated that I was duped!  WTF, Verizon? 


I truly loathe Comcast but as a Baltimore City resident, we’re kind of stuck between Comcast or a cable dish.  I’ve lived with a cable dish previously and everytime a storm passed through – the cable went out. 

We’ve never had a good customer service experience with Comcaast.  Lately – our cable box had been acting as though it was was possessed.  We would be in the middle of watching TV and the box would just shut off and appear to reset itself.  At first this was only happening every so often.  It started to become frequent and more annoying.

Jeremy called to get a technician out to our house and they said that there was a known “surge” in the area and until that was resolved, they would not issue a service ticket.  Jeremy protested that this had been happening for much longer.

Finally – he went to Comcast and traded in our old box for a new one.  But this time the new one was resetting itself every 2 minutes.  EVERY.2.MINUTES.

He finally got a service ticket issued and they said they’d be at our house between 10-1pm.  The day of – 1pm rolled around and nothing.  He called and they informed him that it was an “all-day” window and that they had until 8pm!!  WTF?!  The guy finally came around 3:30pm and gave up the new fancy cable box.  He noted that we shouldn’t have received the other box because it was malfunctioning (no shit, Sherlock).

Comcast better not try to bill us for the entire month.  I truly loathe Comcast.  The day that Verizon Fios breaks into the city, we will be the first people to sign up.

But seriously – its like companies seek out people that hate working with the general public to sit in these customer service oriented jobs.
Do you like people?  No?  Great!  You’re hired!  Bonus if you don’t know anything about the product for which you’ll be supporting.”

And I realize that the older I get, the more like my parents I become.  I’ll soon start yelling at kids about stepping on my lawn.



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7 responses to “Hating on Customer Service

  1. I used to work for a credit card company and I thought the hiring process was ridiculous but was happy that it seemed it would weed out the slackers and jackasses. Alas, no. I feel like my training class was primarily made up of douchebags and lazies. I cannot tell you how many times, once I got up to the main floor, I would have to fix other people’s mistakes b/c they were lazy or rude to our customers.

  2. Meredith

    I think that test is also given to all grocery store and Wal Mart employees. ‘Can you be totally rude to customers? Do you promise to snap at the simplest request with as much attitude as humanly possible? Will you roll your eyes at the neighboring cashier every time someone hands you a reusable bag? Good. You’re hired.’

    As far as Comcast, call and complain and do not stop until you get your $$ back. I was told over the phone that their ‘switch’ in January could have in no way made my box become possessed but when the technician came to my house he said ‘Oh yeah this has been happening with all the old boxes and you need the new one.’ They tried to give me a $9.99 credit (the cost of a one month rental of a dvr box) and I raised hell until someone gave me a credit that made sense!

  3. ComcastMark

    Sorry for the trouble. I’ll make sure that your account is compensated accordingly. Email our team that email address below.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  4. I’ve had decent service from Verizon (knock on wood), but two of the worst companies for customer service are Comcast and AT&T. The latter causes me to tear out my eyeballs everytime I deal with them.

  5. sjmonk5

    I was JUST going to say – follow comcast on twitter and tell them your problem and they’ll be right on it…lo and behold he leaves you a comment!

    I only have Verizon for the internet built in my laptop, so it’s pretty much always the same price – once I started noticing it was more each time and realized that I was getting charged for “texting.” I called and said UM – can you please tell me how my computer is TEXTING!?!

  6. I see Comcast dropped you a line! We’re getting famous in our complaints.

    Out of college I worked for VISA as a temp and was told at my 1 month review that I answered more calls than anyone that month. Seriously? How hard is this? And since I was a temp I made $6.25 an hour – compared to $10 an hour for everyone else. I asked if I could get a permanent position. They said they couldn’t hire temps. So I quit. Yay customer service! Get rid of the guy that knows what he’s doing. Keep the idiots!

  7. I usually try to be nice to the costumer service reps; I mean, they’re just trying to do their job. But the night I had a Time Warner rep call me up at 9:30pm and berate me for choosing not to have a land line, I went freakin’ apeshit. I can only hope that I made her cry.

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