Running Season

Its that time of year again in Baltimore – people are training for the upcoming Baltimore Marathon (or half).  I’ve seen an increase in the number of morning runners on my way to the office.  I’ve seen running groups pass me as I walk into the office.  Even Jeremy has been getting up early on Saturday mornings to do his long runs (he’s doing the half marathon and is actually training for it this year… unlike last year when he just winged it and still managed to run it faster than I could ever imagine).

And let me just tell you – it makes me feel a little sad.  I miss running. 

I’m still running now but I’ve relegated myself to only running twice a week on a treadmill.  Tons of pregnancy sites warn against running on pavement if you have issues with your knees since pregnancy apparently softens your joints.  Who knew?  Plus my balance is off and I’m prone to tripping and falling.  Its just safer to stick to a treadmill.

While I’m happy that I’m still able to run (only 3.25 miles) – it is a bit disheartening to see my pace get gradually slower.  I can’t even run on an incline anymore. 

I miss training for something.  I miss the feeling of hitting a new mileage.  I remember the first time I hit double digits.  I nearly cried because I was so happy with my progress.  I miss all of that. 

I have declared to a few friends that I plan to run another marathon.  This time, however, I will give myself more than 18 weeks to train for it.  I will listen to aches and pains (instead of running through them).  I have my heart set on running the Marine Corps Marathon next year… partly as an incentive to ensure that I don’t let my fitness fall by the wayside after the baby is born but mostly because I just really miss running.

Anywho… to all of you runners out there (especially those training for something) – good luck!  enjoy!  and please let me all about it because sadly – I really am living vicariously through all the blogs and some of my friends who are training.



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3 responses to “Running Season

  1. I am waitlisted for the Baltimore Half–but there is a good chance I am going ot get picked. Fingers crossed–I have also signed up to do my first Marathon at Disney in January–eeek!! Good luck with your running and staying on track while preggo. I admire your dedication!

    PS–I am going to try and run the MCM next year. You can bring up the rear with me, if you want!!!!

  2. Dear Kim,

    You’re crazy.


    PS-I wish I were a kickass runner like you.

  3. Paul

    Last night, Jeremy told me he was training for the 1/2. I thought you might have posted something about it so I checked this AM. Once again, you and I are in the same boat so to speak. Both of us want to train for a race but we cant due to babies!! Oh well, maybe we will both run MCM next year together. That one is on my list as well. Good to see you last night!

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