Scrapbooking Sucks (and why I need a hobby)

Its that time of year again that I am not particularly fond of but hate even more due to the fact that I’m baking a bun… Jeremy is back in school.  His classes kicked off officially last week and I got my first taste of his studying all weekend (he had to read 400+ pages of material for classes this week).

While I take full responsibility for pushing him to go to Law school (and he may try to say it was his decision… and at the end of the day it was but let’s be honest… I was a bit of a nag until he applied) – I hate it.

When I was in school, his being in school wasn’t so bad.  In fact – his incessant need to be a good student often encouraged me to perhaps do my own homework in a timely manner.  But now that I’m not in school?  I’m fucking bored.

The big problem with boredom for me is that when I don’t know what to do, I go shopping.  So this semester could potentially end up being quite expensive unless I find a better way to spend my time.  But what?

This past weekend I found myself SCRAPBOOKING (you read that correctly).  While I totally dig those crafty scrapbookers with their uber cutesy books – I don’t enjoy this activity. 

However, over 3 years ago I thought I’d get into it some… or at least get into it enough to make my own wedding scrapbook (nevermind the fact that we paid a bajillion dollars for a professional wedding album).  I saved all my random stationary and newspaper clippings (I did the Running of the Brides and was interviewed by the Baltimore Sun) but the actual act of putting together an album was just too daunting.

BUT… I needed to leave the house to give Jeremy some quiet time.  So I went to my friend’s house (a gal who also thought she’d get into scrapbooking so owns a TON of scrapbooking stuff but has yet to actually produce an album) so we could scrapbook together.  And while I love my friend dearly – I just don’t enjoy scrapbooking. 

What I’m trying to do now is just group pictures and items together and glue them down to paper in a sort of artful way.  And that’s it.  I, amazingly, managed to get about half of the book done so maybe I’ll actually complete my wedding album before the bambino makes his/her arrival.

Some other things I can do to occupy my time instead of shopping could include:

Photography.  I say this all the time.  I even bought a book recommended by my awesome photographer friend.  I even read 2 pages of it!  Perhaps this is my opportunity to read the whole damn thing and actually try to understand how my camera functions (instead of just pointing and shooting… and hoping for the best).

Learn Korean.  My in-laws gave my Rosetta Stone Korean about 3 years ago (at my request) and I have yet to use it.  I uploaded it to our home computer but that is as far as I’ve gotten.  I’m also hoping to know a few sentences before bambino’s debut because I’d really like for my child to have some knowledge of their Korean heritage.

Sew!  I would really like to learn to sew but am afraid that if I purchase a sewing machine, it will end up with all the other forgotten devices/appliances in the house (hello, ice cream maker!  I haven’t forgotten you, friend.)  But I could sew neat-o things for the soon to be nursery!  I could mend my clothes!  I could sew obnoxious jackets for my dogs!  Oh the possibilities…

Do you have any suggestions?  While I’d be happy to watch the obscene amount of television that I normally watch – the problem is that the DVR happens to be in our living/dining room… and this is where Jeremy studies.  The dining room table serves as an optimum study desk (since we don’t use it to eat) and the lighting is just better in this room than anywhere else in the house.  So this means I can’t really watch a lot of television… and that is probably a good thing now that I think of it.



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6 responses to “Scrapbooking Sucks (and why I need a hobby)

  1. I gotta go with the sewing. I’d be happy to let you borrow my machine for a while too–just to test it out 🙂

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  3. I personally love to journal. It’s got the same “preservation of memories” feel to it without all the pressure of looking pretty. (Plus, I’m pretty sure no one wants to see a scrapbook of my sex life or the last time the cat peed on our bed.)

    I’ve also gotten into (don’t laugh) coloring. It’s surprisingly soothing. Just google “adult coloring pages,” you’ll find some really beautiful ones. (And a shocking lack of porno coloring pages. I was disappointed.)

  4. sjmonk5

    Knitting. I find it the most relaxing thing…

  5. sjmonk5

    Also, I play the harmonica and take lessons once a week by a little old english man!

    That’s what happens when I get bored and need a hobby! haha

  6. Factor

    Study area should never be in the TV area. Sorry Jer, it’s just not cool.
    You should get an electronic drum set.

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