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Belly Fashion Update

So as I mentioned earlier – I’m going to try to post what I’m wearing along with whatever pregnancy update I have to offer.  This might help me try to dress “cute” as opposed to frumpy.  I’ll try my best to update daily but know that there will be days when I’ll feel like I dressed like a complete turd and won’t post anything… or I’ll just forget to.

But please help me think of a more clever name for these types of daily posts.  Belly Fashion Update?  Lame!  I just needed to call this something.

Thursday, September 2nd – 17 wks pregnant

Dress: purchased on sale at Macy’s a few years ago.  Its a jersey fabric with a giraffe print.  And let me tell you – jersey fabric is a pregnant girl’s best friend.

Shoes: Nine West on sale for $25.  I picked these up at the outlet in Rehobeth Beach a few weeks ago.

Jewelry:  just some simple silver hoop earrings.

Fun / Weird Pregnancy Stuff:  I’ve now been asked by 2 sort of strangers (they work in my building so see me daily but I don’t really know them) ask me if I was expecting.  And they told me I was adorable.  That never gets old especially when you’re feeling fat and bloated.

– I looked down in the shower this morning and realized that my belly sticks out far enough that when I’m standing straight up, I can’t see my pubes.  I’m worried about the day I can’t see my feet!

– I think I may have peed every 30 minutes today.



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Caught on Film (How My Husband & I both owe the Baltimore Police Money)

Yesterday I came home and grabbed the mail.  I noticed 2 separate envelopes, one addressed to me and one addressed to Jeremy, from the Baltimore Photo Enforcement something or other.

Fuck.  I got a ticket. 

I assumed it was a red light camera ticket since I sometimes play fast and loose with my life (I can’t help it – sometimes the traffic drives me INSANE in Baltimore and I just want to get home.

I was quite shocked when I opened the envelope to see that I had gotten a speeding ticket from one of those speed cameras.

SON OF A BITCH!  I was snapped going 37 mph in a 25 mph school zone.  (for those living in Baltimore, I was snapped going up Pratt Street (from the Inner Harbor to Canton) right before Broadway.  Be careful, drivers!

Of course I was now curious as to what Jeremy might have gotten a ticket for so I opened his envelope (we’re married – I can open his mail, dammit!).

Imagine my surprise when I saw that he was snapped at the SAME LOCATION, on the SAME DATE about an hour after me.  He was traveling 38 mph. The two pictures are nearly identical (partly because we drive the same type of car) and its hilarious (except for the fact that instead of $40 coming out of our checking account, we’re ponying up $80 for our separate offenses).

Pregnancy Update

I meant to post this yesterday.  I was trying to think of clever ways to give pregnancy updates (to the few of you that might actually care).  I’ve seen some bloggers do weekly updates with belly pics, I’ve seen some others that do similar things but break down each update with specific items (like how big is baby? or weird cravings).  Because I don’t want to rip off of others and because I’m secretly obsessed with fashion blogs – I thought I’d do a different spin.

Despite the fact that I dress like a schlub, I love fashion.  I go through cycles where I vow to dress better but old age, a desk job in an office filled with soccer moms (and only a handful of fashion forward women that I envy) and the fact that I now am concerned about my finances has generally kept me from going off my rocker with clothes.  I now dress for comfort.  I don’t really splurge a lot on clothes (despite loving them).  I’m pretty sure Jeremy is reading this post yelling, “bullshit!” because he thinks I spend way too much money on clothing.  ANYWHO.

With this pregnancy, I’m being incredibly cheap about maternity clothes.  I’ve seen some uber cute maternity fashion, however, I have a really hard time plunking down lots of cash for something that I won’t be wearing long-term.  So what I’ve been doing is trying to stretch my current wardrobe as far as it can go (god bless the BeBand!).  However, I can see myself falling into schlub-city hardcore as things aren’t buttoning and I’m favoring stretch fabrics over anything structured these days.

SO… as a pregnancy update, I thought I’d post a “what am I wearing?”.  This way – I’ll try to stay on top of not looking like a mess, you can see my expanding belly, you can see how far I am able to stretch my current wardrobe or you can completely skip this section.  I’ll try to throw in a weird or fun pregnancy symptom that has popped up that day or week.  Here goes…

Wednesday, September 1st

I had this idea yesterday so I snapped this photo with my phone in my office bathroom.  Please excuse the poor lighting.  I’ll try to do a better job.

I’m wearing a dress that I bought at Macy’s about 2-3 years ago.  It was on sale and I loved the pattern.  At the time, it was a little too big but I didn’t care… it was on sale!  Needless to say, since it was a little big – I thought it made me look bigger than I was (or pregnant) so I never wore it much.  Now that I AM bigger, I’m finally getting some wear out of it.

I paired this dress with my favorite peep-toe pumps that I purchased at Target about 2 years ago.  However, I realized that my feet have grown so these shoes were surprisingly uncomfortable to walk in for several blocks.

I only wore this with a pair of silver stud earrings.  I avoid short necklaces now because I think it highlights my small patch of chest acne (a fun pregnancy symptom!).

Weird / Fun Pregnancy symptom:  So maybe this isn’t weird as much as it is annoying.  I have this dull ache right around my rib cage.  The achiness is more apparent on my right side.  It feels like I have a lot of pressure against my ribs and it sucks.  My lower back is also starting to ache like a motherfucker.

I keep reading all of these baby blogs, forums, articles, books (seriously- I’m reading everything) that says I should be able to feel my baby move any day now.  And I haven’t felt squat.  I’m not going to lie – it concerns me but everyone says it comes at different times.  I’ve read that it’ll feel like a little flutter, a light tapping or like a bubble popping inside me (and that I may mistake it for a hunger pang or gas… lovely).  Jeremy keeps putting his hand on my belly and commanding that the baby move.  Nothing.  Nada.  Come on baby, MOVE!


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