Belly Fashion Update

So as I mentioned earlier – I’m going to try to post what I’m wearing along with whatever pregnancy update I have to offer.  This might help me try to dress “cute” as opposed to frumpy.  I’ll try my best to update daily but know that there will be days when I’ll feel like I dressed like a complete turd and won’t post anything… or I’ll just forget to.

But please help me think of a more clever name for these types of daily posts.  Belly Fashion Update?  Lame!  I just needed to call this something.

Thursday, September 2nd – 17 wks pregnant

Dress: purchased on sale at Macy’s a few years ago.  Its a jersey fabric with a giraffe print.  And let me tell you – jersey fabric is a pregnant girl’s best friend.

Shoes: Nine West on sale for $25.  I picked these up at the outlet in Rehobeth Beach a few weeks ago.

Jewelry:  just some simple silver hoop earrings.

Fun / Weird Pregnancy Stuff:  I’ve now been asked by 2 sort of strangers (they work in my building so see me daily but I don’t really know them) ask me if I was expecting.  And they told me I was adorable.  That never gets old especially when you’re feeling fat and bloated.

– I looked down in the shower this morning and realized that my belly sticks out far enough that when I’m standing straight up, I can’t see my pubes.  I’m worried about the day I can’t see my feet!

– I think I may have peed every 30 minutes today.



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5 responses to “Belly Fashion Update

  1. 1. The women in your building were right – you look great! And your outfit is so cute! I spent most of my puffy days in pajama pants I wore under my belly…which sometimes led to plumber pants while sitting…so sexy.

    2. For winter time, leggings were my best friend. It’s like wearing sweat pants, but looking acceptable. Fabulous.

    3. I don’t have a cute name for these type of posts…but it should definitely include the word “bump”. 🙂

  2. Dude, you are totally adorables!

  3. First, you are quite the adorable pregnant woman. I hope I can carry it off as well as you, if that day ever comes (seriously, I want to yell at my husband when he tells me we need to wait for his law school graduation)

    Second, I really love your backsplash in your kitchen.

    Finally, I think you should call the post CCK’s Fashionable Bump Watch–week xxx.

  4. I see the bump! I see the bump! I’m loving the dress, because the giraffe print looks edgy, not cheesy.

    (Also, are you growing boobs? How exciting!)

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