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Bump Watch Fashion Update – not so much

So I knew I was bound to drop the ball on this “daily” update because I don’t have a picture for today.  When I got home, my dogs decided to greet me with pee in their kennel.  Fun!  So I cleaned their kennel and bathed them… therefore I quickly changed out of my outfit for the day and am too pooped to put it back on.

Anywho – I was perusing one of the fashion blogs that I’ve recently started reading this morning.  I came across this uber fashionable and adorable pregnant gal who is also doing a “what I wore” update on Jen Love Kev.  She puts what I was doing to shame.  Lesson learned – I need to start shooting pics with my DSLR and probably in a better location than my kitchen (although I appreciate the compliments on my backsplash).  Jen also serves as an inspiration to step up my wardrobe!  She also seems to be stretching non-maternity wear for as long as possible and she’s doing it quite well.  I think I have a blogger crush.

Fun / Weird Pregnancy Stuff:  I am obsessing over the nursery.  Therefore, I am also obsessing over organizing our home and doing a thorough and non-emotional purging of stuff.  Another blog that I’ve recently fallen in love with, Young House Love, have inspired me with their bedroom storage solution, their amazing organizational skills and their awesome DIY projects.

I have a feeling this extended weekend will be spent with me gathering junk and purging.  Fun fun!



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