Fashion Bump Watch – September 5, 2010

Not only did I not post anything on Friday (and I thought I looked adorable) – I also neglected to snap a photo yesterday.  While I didn’t think I looked amazing yesterday, I did make an attempt to NOT wear my usual workout capris and t-shirt. 

Today, I had a hankering for some Korean food.  Because I kind of feel like a total fraud amongst actual Koreans (because I don’t speak the language) – I only go to Korean restaurants with my mom.  I haven’t seen her in a few weeks so I thought it was a good opportunity to wear something that might highlight the bump without being overtly maternity wear.

Dress:  Old Navy purchased about 2-3 years ago.  I was stoked that I was able to slide it over my belly.

Belt: Target.  This was an impulse buy on my part and I hadn’t had the chance to wear it.  I normally pair this dress with a wider stretch brown belt but due to the expanding belly, I needed something thinner that I could shift above my belly.

Shoes: You can’t see them (and in fact, I look like I’ve lost my feet) – brown strappy sandals from Italy.  Oooh – don’t I sound pretentious?  My friend Kristin went on honeymoon in Capri and went to a shoemaker that customizes shoes to your feet.  She and I, luckily, wear the same size so she had some cute sandals made for me. 

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters purchased about 5 years ago.  These are one of my favorite sunglasses.  Unfortunately, they’re pretty beat up and the lenses are ridiculously scratched up.

Fun / Weird Pregnancy Symptoms:  I’m really really itchy.  Some days I’m okay but today, I was itching all over.  My legs, my stomach, my back, my butt.  I don’t know if its a sign of my skin stretching or something but I’m trying to stay as moisturized as possible.  I don’t want stretch marks!

And today was an awesome day.  Because this summer has been so brutally hot, we haven’t walked our dogs.  Today was a great day to do that.  I had to zoom in on the photo so you could actually see what I was wearing but here’s a great pic of the park where we walk our dogs:



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5 responses to “Fashion Bump Watch – September 5, 2010

  1. Stop being so cute, I’m jealous! Actually no, keep going. Maybe it’ll inspire me to, you know, try.

  2. Awesome information! thanks for the share.

  3. Even with stretch marks, you’d still be one sexy beast. And I think the belt actually highlights the bump, in a good, “Oh look at her adorable little baby belly” way.

  4. Toooooooo cute!! Seriously. I agree with MonsteRawr.

  5. omg – how have we never run into each other in the park?! we walk our dog in the exact same part!

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