Fashion Bump Watch – September 7, 2010

I’ve decided this won’t be a daily post anymore… there are just some days where I’m just not in the mood the post anything (or perhaps I’m not that thrilled with my outfit). Anywho…

Please excuse my bizarre pose.  I just broke up an epic battle between Petie (my dog) and a cat that was hanging out in my backyard.  And apparently this made it so I didn’t know what to do with my arms.  Seriously – what am I doing in this picture?

Dress:  Impulse purchase a few years ago from Target.  And this is the BEST impulse purchase I’ve made.  This dress isn’t fashion forward or anything but its just so simple.  It is a jersey fabric, it has a cute print and I don’t need to do anything else to it.  It is my easiest outfit ever.

Shoes:  Target.  These are the first pair I purchased after realizing my feet had expanded a half size.  But I love them!

Jewelry: Simple silver hoop earrings.

Fun / Weird Pregnancy Symptoms:  Actually – nothing new today.  I weighed myself for the first time since my last doctor’s visit.  I try to avoid weighing myself.  I broke up with the scale sometime last year and only weigh myself occasionally just to check-in with myself.  I have definitely been avoiding it during the pregnancy because I just don’t want to obsess over the numbers.  However, I have an appointment coming up (Friday) and I”ve obviously “popped” a bit so I didn’t want the new number to frighten me.  I’ve gained 6 pounds in a month.

And btw – I love the suggestions I’ve been getting on whether or not I should find out about bambino’s gender in the doc’s office or at home.  They’re all super cute ideas but I don’t think either one of us is capable of keeping a secret from the other person.  I tried to insert a poll into that post but for some reason it won’t show up.



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3 responses to “Fashion Bump Watch – September 7, 2010

  1. Ooh! I love that dress! You look great!

  2. I think I’m a little jealous of how cute you are. And wait, are you getting boobs? Or just a good bra?

  3. The way you’re holding hand says, “Oh, this enormous diamond? I bought it while on a lark in Milan.”

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