Waiting to Find Out or Not?

So this week is the big week where we will potentially find out the sex of our bambino.  I say potentially because I’ve heard/read stories of couples whose baby had the umbilical cord between its legs so you couldn’t see the good stuff… you know, the junk.

I’ve been dying to know what bambino is… well, more like dying for a confirmation that bambino is a BOY.  I just feel it.  This is probably more wishful thinking than anything but I even dreamt bambino was a boy (albeit a very ugly boy).  Everyone else suspects I’m having a girl though.

So because I’m dying to know (we find out a little after 8am on Friday) – I just assumed we’d be told right then and there in the doctor’s office.  However, after reading this article Jeremy feels that he’d rather find out at home.  He hates the idea of finding out in a doctor’s office and then returning to work.  I’m not sure why that kills the idea for him but since this is his baby too, I want to be supportive.

But did I mention that I’m dying to know?

He wants to have the doctor write it down and we would open the envelope at home, just the two of us.  I think this is really sweet. 

But did I mention that I’m dying to know?

What should I do, blogosphere?

Should we wait until we get home to learn of bambino’s gender?



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6 responses to “Waiting to Find Out or Not?

  1. I have always thought that when I get pregnant I’d want to find out the sex at birth, but lately have been leaning towards finding out early. It makes shopping so much easier, right?

    I love Jeremy’s idea. It’s so sweet and what’s a few more hours of waiting?

  2. I agree with the other commenter – wait for Jeremy. Or, if you’re going to peek first (and know he won’t get mad), go buy a little onesie or toy that’s gender specific to present to him upon opening the envelope.

  3. Let Jeremy have control of one little thing 😉 Ooooor you could find out (not him) and then start sending him clues all day and have the final clue be like a blue/pink “I love daddy” onesie.

  4. Oh I love Myriam’s idea. But at the same time I think I would want to find out together. Did you find if you were pregnant at the same time, look at the pee stick together? If you found out that your were pregnant first maybe he could find out the sex first and surprise you like Myriam suggested except he be the one surprising you?

  5. I think you should start by finding out if it’s a human or a wallaby. It’s about the big decisions first.

  6. I actually saw someone find out the sex and have the tech write it in an envelope..then go to the baker..give them the envelope and tell them to bake a cake and layer the middle layer with pink or blue icing.
    Holy crap. Get a life.
    I could hardly sleep the night before we found out. If Dave wanted to wait I would have crawled across the table and poked out his eyeballs.
    So, yeah..you can guess how I voted here. Sorry Jeremy.

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