Fashion Bump Watch – September 8, 2010

Do you recall that time when a co-worker asked me if I was pregnant (when I most certainly was not)?  Well – I hadn’t worn that dress since being asked that dreaded question but I have placed it back into my rotation since I found out I was pregnant… just so that if someone were to ask me that question again, I wouldn’t feel like a fatty. 

Dress:  J. Crew.  I scored this dress on a ridiculous sale last year.  It is the smallest size dress I own.  I’d write the size but I don’t want to seem like a super turd that is obsessed with size… but honestly, I am totally the kind of person that judges her self worth by the size of her clothing.  Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but my size does matter to me despite nobody else knowing what size I wear. 

Shoes:  Nine West (from the outlet store)

Jewelry:  Simple silver stud earrings

Fun / Weird Pregnancy Symptoms Stuff:  I had some bad cramping again today… stupid muscles & ligaments stretching.  It definitely doesn’t feel good.  It feels like I pulled something.

I found out today that a girl that I did the Dragonboat race with 2 years ago (who works in my office building) is also pregnant.  Well – I knew that she was pregnant.  She called me today to congratulate me and to tell me that she is due 1 day ahead of me.  So we got to chatting about pregnancy crap and then I asked, “Where are you delivering?”  It turns out that we’re delivering at the same hospital.  If we actually deliver on our dates, we’ll be there at the same time (and I was stoked when I heard her baby will be a half asian cutie pie).  So she asked me who my doctor was.  It turns out that WE HAVE THE SAME DOCTOR.  How f’n crazy is that? 

I’m not going to lie when I say its a little weird to know that there is someone out there that has seen both of our vaginas.

As for my bizarre pose in the picture above – I’ve figured out my problem.  I feel like a total d-bag taking a photo of myself.  It feels awkward and I’m afraid my neighbors will come outside at any minute and think I’m batshit crazy.  I guess I sort of am crazy to post these daily pictures because who cares?



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4 responses to “Fashion Bump Watch – September 8, 2010

  1. Super super cute dress! How are you still fitting into this stuff?!

  2. Ha! I took some photos of myself for a Greenists post and felt SO awkward about the idea of my neighbors possibly seeing.

    You look adorable! Love that dress!

  3. Sarah

    You have the best collection of cute dresses, ever. I’m super jealous and now need to go shopping!

  4. You and your adorable dresses. I wish I could pull off dresses more often. I don’t have the legs for them.

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