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Poll: Am I Having a Boy or a Girl?

Wow – for someone who claimed they didn’t want to turn their blog into a pregnancy blog, I’ve sure failed miserably.  I just don’t have much else going on right now.  Clearly I need to find something to do… and I will!

Tomorrow is the big day.  Tomorrow is the day when I should, ideally, find out if bambino is sporting a wiener or a susie. 

Jeremy and I talked yesterday about how/where we want to find out.  I told him one of my big fears was that we wouldn’t get a clear picture of the baby’s junk so I would really want to be able to ask questions and have a professional walk me through the sonogram.  While most of my friends have shown me their boy sonograms (and their boys are CLEARLY boys… we’re talking 3rd leg here), I’ve seen some ladies post their “boy” sonograms on the baby forums and I have no idea what I’m looking at.

Jeremy’s compromise was that we’d ask the technician that if it was OBVIOUSLY something, that we’d prefer not to be told and just have it written down.  However, if it seems that it wouldn’t be clear to non-professionals (like us) – then we’d prefer it if they walked us through the picture and explained the parts.

We’ll see how this turns out.

I started reading through Kt’s blog archives and saw that she had a post about Old Wives’ Tales & gender prediction.   She had some new ones I hadn’t seen before so let’s take a look:

  • If you prefer sleeping on your left side, you’ll have a boy. Right side? A girl. 
    I don’t really like sleeping on my sides at all.  However, I sleep on both.  It took a long time for me to get over sleeping on my left side because it leaves my back exposed to my bedroom door… and I have a weird fear of someone sneaking into my room and stabbing me in the back.
  • Extreme nausea means you are having a girl.
    I had bad nausea for 2 weeks in my first trimester.
  • If your hands are dry, you are having a boy; soft — expect a girl.
    My hands are always dry from obsessively washing them.
  • If you’re craving citrus, you’re having a girl. 
    Christ – I’m a vegetarian.  I don’t neglect any fruit or vegetable so yes, I love citrus.
  • If your skin breaks out, expect a girl.
  • If you feel graceful during pregnancy, you’ll have a girl. Clumsy? It’s a boy.
    Graceful?  Ha!  I’ve never felt graceful in my life.  While I’m always pretty clumsy, I’m finding myself running into corners a lot more.
  • If you gain weight in your face, it means you’re having a girl.
    I think my face looks the same.
  • Craving salt? Expect a boy. A little something sweet? You’re having a girl.
    I’m totally craving salt.  While I still love my sweets – salt has been the clear winner.
  • If your right breast is larger than the left, you are having a girl. If the left is larger, a boy.
    Hahaha!  Well – my right boob has always been smaller (if that was even possible) but I’ve always attributed it to be right handed.  Don’t ask.
  • Feeling extremely moody?  You’re having a girl.
    While I think I’m being lovely, Jeremy will tell you that I’m really moody.
  • If baby is low, expect a boy. High, it’s a girl.
    I have no concept of what is high vs low.
  • If you’re carrying in front, it’s a boy. All around your middle?  A girl.
    I’m definitely just carrying in front.

So there are your “clues”.  But I also thought this was a good opportunity for another poll!  So what do you think, blogosphere?  Is there a penis floating inside of me?



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