Fashion Bump Watch – The Pants Edition

I’m a little behind on these posts so I thought I’d post the last 3 worthy-ish outfits that I’ve sported.  These pictures are being posted to mostly prove that I do own things other than dresses (although dresses are WAY more comfortable right now).

Thursday, September 9th

Shirt:  Catherine Malandrino – scored at an awesome sale at Urban Chic 2 years ago.  I love this shirt.  While it probably isn’t the most flattering as a non-pregnant person, I just love the color of this shirt.  I always try to pair it with slim fit pants to off-set the billowy-ness of the top.

Pants: Banana Republic

Shoes:  Target.  I f’n love Target for shoes.

Friday, September 10

Top:  Gap Outlet store… I just bought this fairly recently on sale.  I love a good sale! 

Pants:  J. Crew.

Shoes:  Puma.  These are an old pair of brown Puma flats that I love but oy, they smell SO BAD.  I’ve washed them numerous times but apparently my foot has an unstoppable odor.

Monday, September 13

Top:  Banana Republic Outlet.  I bought this shirt last year and it is one of my favorites.  I love this color blue.  I remember this top being a lot looser though…

Pants:  Express.  These pants are SO old but I love them.  I have 2 pairs of them actually.

Shoes:  Target.

Fun / Weird Pregnancy Stuff:  So I asked my doctor on Friday about the cramps I’ve been getting towards the top of my abdomen (near my ribs).  I don’t feel these cramps daily but they come often enough that I find them annoying.  I kind of assumed they had something to do with my stretching skin and ligaments or my organs being smooshed into my ribcage (the cramps feel like pressure). 

Nope.   My cramps are a result of GAS.  That’s right.  My expanding uterus is pushing my bowels up and the pressure I’m feeling is GAS.  Lovely.

So how am I able to still fit into my pants?  Last month I was able to wear my pants unbuttoned but zipped up.  Lately I haven’t been able to zip them up at all!  But thanks to the invention of this lovely band, I’m going to continue to wear my non-maternity clothes as long as possible.  Have I mentioned that I’m totally being cheap about maternity clothes?

It is not the most attractive looking thing but it gets the job done.



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4 responses to “Fashion Bump Watch – The Pants Edition

  1. You don’t look as pregnant in pants as you do in a dress. In the first two, you don’t look pregnant at all. Until you lift up your shirt. Then you look REALLY pregnant.

  2. Seriously, if you find some sort of magical method to keep flats from stinking, please share. I refuse to buy expensive flats because they start to stink so bad I have to take them out of rotation…even after washing.

    So there’s that…

  3. Stacy

    Haha – I was thinking HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU STILL WEARING YOUR PANTS! and then…question answered!

    Lookin’ good…lookin’ good!

  4. Oh look, you do own pants! And I don’t blame you for being cheap on maternity clothes – that’s why they invented that band right?

    Also, I think that hands-out-open-mouth-cheesy-smile is your official pregnancy pose.

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