The Big Reveal (CharmCitybaby is…)

So I haven’t forgotten about my daily fashion updates… in fact, I have 2 pictures ready for upload (mostly to prove that I do actually wear pants sometimes).  They’ll be posted later today as my pants extravaganza.

But for the real news.  Friday – we found out whether bambino was sporting a penis or a vagina. 

When we went in for the sonogram, we told the technician of our plan.  We said that we DID want to know, but we wanted it to be revealed later in the day at home so we asked that she just write it down for us and put it in an envelope.  I expressed my concerns about whether the junk would be obvious to newbies like us and if she thought we might have questions, we’d rather know then so she could walk us through it vs. looking at a picture and just taking her word for it.

The technician explained that they look for 3 lines (she held up 3 fingers to indicate that they would be next to each other) and said that the 3 lines are the labia… so in case you don’t know your anatomy, that means it would be a GIRL.  She said otherwise, we’d have ourselves a little man.

She walked us through the sonogram and it was very cool to be able to see the bones.  I had a little skeleton inside of me.  This is the big anatomy sonogram where they measure all the parts to make sure everything looks like it is developing correctly and blah blah blah blah.  She said everything looked good.  Then at the end, she turned the monitor towards her, clicked a button and that was that.  She didn’t say anything.

So the sonogram ended.  We weren’t sure if she had found the junk so we asked and she said she was able to determine bambino’s gender.  I asked just how sure she was and she said she was POSITIVE.  And then she handed over a sealed envelope (that Jeremy quickly snatched from me knowing I’d take a peek before our big reveal).

Here are some quick sonogram photos… I tweeted this one because holy hell, it is frightening.  She did a 3-D picture and warned that it this stage of the pregnancy, the baby isn’t very “cute”.  She wasn’t kidding.  I’m giving birth to The Joker…

Now here’s an actually cute photo (non-3D):

Strangely – I wasn’t DYING to know all day.  I wasn’t in extreme anticipation like my family & friends.  I just knew I was having a boy.  I had a dream about it and everything. 

During the sonogram I kept trying to look in the general area of the junk but didn’t see anything.  Sonograms are quite tricky.  So then I worried that maybe I was having a girl.  I mean – wouldn’t a penis stick out?  But still – I was having a boy.  I knew it.  I was having A BOY.

So around 6pm on Friday, we opened the sealed envelope.  I told Jeremy to open it and read the results and that I would guess from his expression.  We were kind of surprised that the technician didn’t give us a sonogram photo of the money shot.  She really just wrote it down on a piece of paper.  So Jeremy read it and I could tell from his surprised  expression what we were having.

The note read, “Baby is a Baby Girl“.

Yes, you read that correctly.  We are having a GIRL.



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15 responses to “The Big Reveal (CharmCitybaby is…)

  1. Quinn

    Sooooo exciting! And the opposite of what you were thinking – makes me more excited for ours.

  2. Congratulations!! I voted girl in the poll – hope I didn’t jinx you.

  3. I knew it! That’s what I voted for. I think. Wait, did I? I think so. Anyway, this is so exciting!

  4. Woohoo! Little girls are awesome. 🙂

  5. Congratulations :)Think of all the cute dresses you can buy her!

  6. I can’t wait to see the beautiful little peanut!

  7. Meredith

    Yay! A girl will be so much fun. I was just looking thru pics of my cousin’s daughter that she e-mailed and couldn’t help but think how much fun it must be to dress a little girl. The outfit choices are too cute for words!

  8. Yay! I totally voted girl. I loved your post! Congratulations again!

  9. CT

    Wow. That was a tough post to get through! I had to keep myself from just scrolling to the bottom of the post for the reveal 🙂 Congrats on the baby girl! The best thing about baby girls is that you can do all sorts of boy stuff with them too without other judgey-mommies giving you the stink eye. I wore all my brother’s hand-me-down clothes in addition to adorable dresses!

  10. I did the same thing as CT — had to keep myself from scrolling to the bottom just to see!

    So exciting, mama! Little girls are so much fun, particularly in the shopping department. (Read: also dangerous to your checkbook.)

    (I’m totally doing having the technician do that for our eventual next baby, btw!)

  11. Sarah

    Congrats, Kim!!

  12. Baby girl! Did you do anything to celebrate or when you told anyone else?

  13. Awww! On one hand I am sorry your not having the boy you had hoped for, on the other I have to say CONGRATS!

    And think about it, you get some practice before you have that boy!

  14. A girl!!


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