Fashion Bump Watch – September 14, 2010

I realized after looking back at my last fashion bump watch that I’ve been giving a lot of “jazz hands” in my pictures (and this was solidified by Doahleigh’s comment).  I just don’t know what to do with my arms.  I feel so awkward and lame snapping a photo of myself (while my dogs are going to the bathroom… so now you know why I’m always outside in my pictures now and you’ve probably also noticed the hose that we’ve yet to put away).

Dress:  Liz Lange MATERNITY (from Target).  That’s right – this is my very first official maternity outfit.  And let’s give a shout-out to Target’s maternity section!  Lots of cute dresses at a reasonable cost.  Have I mentioned how cheap I’m being about my maternity wardrobe?

Shoes:  Target.  I might as well just say I’m going to wear these cute black ruffle flats just about everyday.  They work with just about everything and they accommodate my swollen feet (that have increased a 1/2 size). 

Jewelry:  Red chunky bead necklace from Forever 21.  See – I own necklaces!

Fun / Weird Pregnancy Stuff:  Holy hell I am gassy lately.   Today was the absolute worst and I actually let out a fart while running at the gym (it was my victory fart for outrunning that guy next to me) and I let out a fart at my desk that sounded like someone was letting the air out of a balloon very slowly by pinching the end (you know that high pitched squeal).



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4 responses to “Fashion Bump Watch – September 14, 2010

  1. jess

    I just started reading your blog today. This is the first post I’ve read. Hilarious! I look forward to more cute outfits and more stuff about pregnancy that people just don’t talk about.

  2. So, true confessions, I have accidentally tried on maternity clothes before because I wasn’t paying attention to what department I was in. But if I saw that dress in maternity, I would still probably try it on anyway. Freakin’ adorable.

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  4. You crack me up! Also, I want that dress even though I have no need for a maternity dress. It’s adorable!

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