Fashion Bump Watch – September 15, 2010

Look – I changed up my pose!  Although I cannot explain the weirdo face I’m making in this picture… I think I’m just happy that I’m not throwing out jazz hands.

Dress:  Banana Republic Factory Store.  This is a pretty structured wrap dress (and it has pockets!) so I had to hike up the waist portion so that I wrapped it around the top of my belly.  And since I haven’t actually grown breasts yet, let’s just say that this wasn’t my most flattering look today.  I had to wear a white tank top underneath to keep it from being scandalous.

Shoes:  Target.  Seriously – I’m wearing these bitches all the time.

Jewelry:  Blue beaded necklace from Forever 21.  They seriously have the best selection of inexpensive fun jewelry.  I highly recommend them!

Fun / Weird Pregnancy Stuff – A lot of people have been asking me how I’m feeling and right now I’m feeling overwhelmed.  I feel like there is so! much! to do.  I’m on operation organize and purge right now.  To keep it from overwhelming me, I’m tackling one drawer or one bin/basket at a time.  I really am starting to think I’m a hoarder.  I just want to clear this house out as much as I can before baby girl (I need a new nickname now!) gets here so it is less stuff to worry about.  So this “stuff” is neither fun nor weird.  So let me think… one of my friends is due TODAY!  I check in with her daily to see how she’s doing and she told me that she’s still going to the gym.  She is my pregnancy inspiration!  I hope I have her energy and motivation when I’m 9 months pregnant.



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2 responses to “Fashion Bump Watch – September 15, 2010

  1. In my brain, the thing in your belly is named either “Little Peanut” or “Lil’ Puddin’ ‘Tater.” I won’t tell you where that second name came from, suffice to say that I didn’t make it up, and it was a cartoon.

  2. Meredith

    I think she needs to take on the Jeremy’s nickname. I’m sure Jeremy won’t mind!

    My cousin’s last name is Stover so their child was called Grover Stover until her birth (they didn’t find out the sex beforehand). Now she is due with a boy and I really think he needs to be named Grover Stover for real!

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