Fashion Bump Watch – Catchup

I didn’t snap any photos of me this weekend because I fell off the fashion wagon.  Yesterday was an all-day movie fest with my pal Geoff so I stayed in my PJs all day.  Nobody needs to see that. 

Today – I’m also in PJs so again… I thought I’d spare you guys.  But here’s what I wore on Thursday and Friday…

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skirt:  Urban Outfitters from about 7 years ago.  I’m not kidding.  7 years.  This is an elastic waist band skirt and I love the pattern.  I was skeptical to wear this since I wasn’t sure what top would work with my growing belly…

Top:  NY & Company from about 4 years ago.  This is some cheap-o yellow cable knit type sweater thing.  I’m not going to lie – while I like when something can emphasize my belly, I just felt a little uncomfortable in this top.

Shoes:  Like I needed to take a photo of the black flats I’ve been wearing nearly everyday.

Jewelry:  You can’t really see it well in the photo but I wore a long silver strand necklace from Banana Republic Factory Store (purchased within the year!  See – I buy new things).

Friday, September 17, 2010

Top:  Banana Republic Factory Store purchased within the year!  I love this top.  It is a nice shade of purple, the ruffles are great (especially for a flat-chest gal like myself) and it is a wrap top.  Again – I had to hike up the top a bit so that the wrap portion went around the top of my belly instead of around my waist.

Pants:  The Limited (it is a part of a suit I own) purchased with the last year.  I love this gray suit.  I love gray. 

Shoes:  Nine West mary jane heels purchased about 5 years ago.  Can you believe I wore heels?  The gray pants are super long so they warrant wearing heels and I couldn’t stand the idea of squeezing my swollen feet into a pointy toed pair of shoes so these were the only heels I owned with a rounded toe:

Fun / Weird Pregnancy Stuff:  Holy hell – I cannot remember anything.  I know that “pregnancy brain” is a myth (there is no scientific evidence of its existence) but seriously?  I cannot remember anything.  I’ll often get up from my chair to go do something only to completely forget what I stood up to do.  I’ve forgotten people’s names, people’s numbers, tasks, names of everyday objects, EVERYTHING.  When does this stop?

And omg – the GAS.  I have been so gassy this past week.  The reason my belly looks so big on Thursday was because I thought I was going to DIE from gas pains.



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3 responses to “Fashion Bump Watch – Catchup

  1. Danielle H

    I double dog dare you to rock some old Contempo threads. I know you still have something somewhere in your closet. 😉

  2. 1) Separates definitely make you look super pregnant. But in an adorable way. Like you’re holding a beach ball against your stomach.

    2) I also adore grey. It’s a softer neutral than black. Seriously, the soft charcoal- deep purple-dark blue color pallet is my current favorite.

    3) If being forgetful gets worse with pregnancy then if I ever get knocked up I’ll have to wear a name tag. I can barely remember where I am and who I’m talking to now.

  3. Mary

    Cute outfits! I felt like I wore the same thing over and over… and over again!

    P.S. I read that the gas soothes the baby. I totally used that the whole time.

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