Fashion Bump Watch – September 20, 2010

So apparently this dress is the “whoa – she is obviously pregnant dress.”  Multiple people have asked when I’m due.

Dress:  H&M (from 2 years ago). 

Shoes:  (not pictured but they were obviously the black flats from Target and NOT these flip flops).

Jewelry:  Lucky Brand decorative hoops.  I should have snapped a photo of them.  I love them.

Fun /Weird Pregnancy Stuff:   So I kept reading that heartburn and indigestion are common pregnancy symptoms.   Kt even gave me some Tums as part of a nice “welcome to pregnancy” gift (she also included Ginger Ale, some preggo pops and Jenny McCarthy’s hilarious “Belly Laughs”).  I didn’t think I’d need the Tums but lately?  Holy INDIGESTION!  I’ve never had heartburn or indigestion before so I had to ask Jeremy about the uncomfortable acid I was feeling in the back of my throat.  Ha!  But oh god – every night.  Tums are my best friend right now.


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One response to “Fashion Bump Watch – September 20, 2010

  1. Holy big bellies! You do, indeed, look very pregnant in that dress. But as always, in an adorable, glowy type of way, not a puffy, gaseous way.

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