Fashion Bump Watch – Another Catchup

I realized the other day that these daily fashion pics will eventually have to become weekly fashion pics because I’m running low on new (to the blog) outfits and let’s be honest, I’m not very good at re-imagining outfits.  Although I am still wearing NON-maternity clothes (surprisingly… I realize some of my stuff looks like it should be maternity) so maybe when I venture into maternity wear, I’ll have new stuff for you guys.  But until then – I’ll try to keep this up as much as possible…

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dress:  Banana Republic Factory Store.  This dress is very stretchy and I was THRILLED that I could zip this dress up.  I thought I looked pretty darn sassy in it.

Sweater:  Gap. 

Belt:  Target.  (I should buy stock in this store).

Shoes:  Target.

Note – all of these items were purchased within the last year!  See – I buy new stuff.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dress:  BCBG.  I purchased this on a ridiculous sale at a Saks 5th Avenue.  I had to move the belt above my belly to accommodate my belly.

Sweater:  Gap.

Shoes:  (not pictured)  Target – the same flat black ruffle flats that I always wear because they’re awesome.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Top:  Vera Wang for Kohl’s.  I love this top.  Like I’ve had to do with all my non-maternity wear, I had to shift the little belt above my belly.

Pants:  Old Navy (with the help of my BeBand). 

Shoes:  Really?  My awesome black Target flats.

Fun / Weird Pregnancy Stuff:  Well – I’m halfway through my pregnancy.  Can you believe it?  Neither can I.  Holy hell – where has the time gone?  And I feel like there is SO MUCH to do.  I’m kind of freaking out.

But!!  I finally starting feeling the baby move.  I think.  Everyone describes the feeling differently.  I’ve heard that it feels like:

  • a flutter
  • bubbles
  • a goldfish ?  I think this is about the bubbles.
  • like someone is gently poking you from the inside.  BUT HOW THE HELL DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS FEELS LIKE?!
  • knitting
  • a spiderweb

Do you want to know what my darling baby girl feels like?  FART BUBBLES.  My baby feels like farts.  I feel these little farty like bubbles but they’re coming right from my uterus (and not shoved up near my ribs with all of my bowels like my doc told me).   And while it is amazing and awesome and all that good stuff.  It is also really fucking weird.  But awesome.



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4 responses to “Fashion Bump Watch – Another Catchup

  1. Looking cute 🙂

    Feeling the baby is by far the best thing about being pregnant and knowing you’re the only one that can really feel that. Just wait until you see your whole stomach shift and morph all alien-like.

  2. You are so cute!

    To me the baby movements felt like an eye twitch…but in my belly!

  3. I am furious at you for being super pregnant and able to successfully wear skinny jeans, while I am super not-pregnant and I look like a local artisan sausage in them.

    (Also, I’m super excited that you’re feeling the little peanut. Or are going to let loose the most epic fart in history. Both are exciting.)

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